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I currently have season tickets in Section 309. They are pretty good seats except for one critical flaw…I’ve got to take a long walk down the stairs for a restroom break (or concessions). My seat change window is coming up later today. For all of the years that I’ve been at TDECU, I’ve sat on the home side. There isn’t much available on the home side in the 107-111 sections (where I’ve previously had tickets).

Question: What are the major disadvantages to sitting on the visitor side in sections 127-131?

I do not see many disadvantages with seats in 127-131. However, we have seats in section 229 and love the view. Section 229 seats range within the 45 yard lines. Seat number 14 is right smack on the 50 yard line. Section 229 CP donation is $440 or $450 per seat and ticket cost is $200. I have sat in section 129 on very top row and I have to admit I like our view in 229 better. If you have a CP contact I would discuss with them directly. Call before your window to upgrade time.

Yeah…I do typically like to sit up a little higher as I like to be able to see the WR group run their routes and get more of the “television” view of the field. Those costs are in line with what I paid for mine (if not exactly the same). Is the restroom proximity good in section 229?

We have seats in 131 and don’t have any complaints. Great beer selection and easy bathroom access.

I sit on the visitors’ side in Section 129. The only disadvantage is, if the game has a mid or late afternoon kickoff, you have to contend with the sun (heat and glare), while the home side progressively does not.


Right now there are 2 seats in Section 229, row 1, available. I would suggest grabbing those.

I need 4 together. In hindsight…that would have been good to have put up front.

I have to second this…sat on the visitor’s side until last year…reason being all the early kickoffs were murder in the sun. Moved over to 102 and ended up much happier not being in the sun.

I’ll third this sentiment. Ya’ll know where I sit…

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We currently have seats on the visitor side, section 229. Looking to move to the home side, lower section because of the sun/heat. The day games are brutal. We spend most of the time down in the concourse because of the shade.

My question is for those on the home side, lower secretion, hows the shade during day games? Is it worth the move. Total cost would stay the same for our 2 seats?


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It was worth it for me. I loved where I sat on the visitor’s side, but the multiple day games were just too much. Moved over and enjoyed it. The Arizona game was when I knew I made the right choice as I was out of the sun from the beginning and only had to get up at halftime for a quick breather on the concourse.

If you want to stay out of the shade, I wouldn’t recommend the lower rows, but around row 8-9 the sun is blocked for the 11 am games. By about 1pm, the entire lower bowl is usually out of the sun.

If you’re only worried about the heat, just remember that we only have one potential early home game before November (Cincy on Oct 12th) and then have two potential early games in November (Memphis Nov 16 and Navy Nov 30). As for the Cincy game, hopefully we get picked up as the top AAC game for that night (Memphis-Temple is also that night). If so, that’ll probably be a night game on ESPN/ESPN2. If we’re fighting for the division come Nov 16th, that Memphis game will probably be an ABC/ESPN/ESPN2 game at night. The Navy game could be anytime since it’s on Saturday instead of the normal Black Friday start.

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I had seast in 308 row 1 since the opening until last year. Turning 60 I too no longer wanted to do those stairs. So my wife and I moved to 130 row 19. I always enjoyed being on the 50 and up high to see the plays develop.BUT I really enjoyed the easy walk from the parking garage to my seats which were the 3 and 4 off the aisle. BUT the sun for early games was on us. I noticed the last two rows of these sections had the overhang to block the sun. I had my sights on two seast that were open in the second to last row but it went 10 minutes before I picked,.So I moved to section 229 on the last row (16) seats 1/2. I am under the overhang , and the first seats off the aisle !


The 200 level is at a great level so the viewing is great and your not so high you still get the lower level style atmosphere.

1981 - You will like the view in Section 229. I think the best sight lines in TDECU.

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Well folks…thanks to everyone for their advice. At the end of the day…I decided to move to section 229 and will be sitting next to 1981Coog in seats 3-6. I’m hoping the overhang helps to prevent heat exhaustion, but at least I’ll be closer to concessions and restrooms.

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Mike - You will enjoy your seats in 229 as I feel it is the best section in TDECU for sight lines for the total cost per seat. On hot sunny days make sure you have a wide brim hat. I think this year we caught a scheduling break with no day games in September.


I was maybe going to move to the home side to avoid some of the heat but wasn’t sure about where or if I could afford the increase. However, with the first home game that could be early in the day being in October, I may not need to move until next year.

Mike it will be nice to meet you. We’ll have a few cold ones during the season I’m sure.

1981 - We have 3 seats on row 8 and 4 seats on row 9 (14~17) in 229. On your way to your seats for Prairie View game shout out to us (Don and John with spouses et al).

Sec 229 has an overhang as well? I sit in the 100s and know the last row is shaded (when the original TDECU tour guide before the first season tried to tell me it was not). If I can move to the 200s and get under an overhang, I will have to check on that.