SEC AAC scheduling agreement


Let me guess, in the first go around, the ASC schools are Tulane, ECU, Tulsa and SMU ???

No it will be our top vs their trash. I dont want to psrticipate in that. It will not help our NET rating…

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Come on now!! Everyone knows that ALL teams in the P5 conferences are vastly superior to all other teams :sunglasses:


We’v already scheduled Vanderbilt.


Lol…yeah, they wont give us Kentucky, Tennessee, Auburn, etc…thst eould rsise our net rating and if we lose, a quality loss…see hoe thst works…BTW, I think every P5 eill fo thid stinking arrangement with us to help the conference NET out.

In BB ?

Already a thread on this…

Their bottom feeders vs some of our schools. Nothing to see here.



You don’t speak typonese? It translates to "every P5 will do this stinking arrangement … "


It would be great if we could schedule TAMU to a home and away. I understand that the FC provides a great home court advantage to the Coogs, but I bet we could get 10K-12K at the Toyota Center playing the Aggies. A poster a while back suggested the idea of an early season 4-team tournament in Houston at a neutral court. It would be great to see some sort of Lone Star Shootout, featuring UH, UT, TAMU, and a fourth team.

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No, I see absolutely no reason to do that !!!

If they want to play both games at Toyota Center… a small, and I mean extremely small, chance.

On second thought…just No !


Why do we want to give up home court advantage and add more seats for A&M fans? Hell I don’t even want to play A&M now. We are better than them and we help their NET more than they help ours. They won’t schedule us home and home in football, they don’t deserve a home and home with us in basketball, especially if we move our home court to Toyota.


See how that works…BTW, I think every P5 will do this stinking arrangement with us to help their conference NET out…

This is what I was trying to type on phone.^^^

Big12 will probably attempt this next, followed by the Big10, PAC12, ACC, then Big East. We will help them overall…and their scrubs will kill our NET ranking, allowing them more teams come Tourney time.


We should treat them like they treat us: No Texas Teams unless they play us in football. We are not in the business of handing out “Quality Losses”…those are earned through mutual partnerships i.e., all sports play, starting with Football on a yearly basis.

Perhaps you’re right about giving up home court advantage; however, I’m convinced playing and beating either UT or TAMU in b-ball is a good move and raises the profile of the program.

Home court advantage is big in basketball as much as in football. In the long run if you keep giving up home court advantage to play teams that already have the perception of being better sports programs, you won’t come out with a winning record and no one will care if you try to explain it away by saying they played more games at home. During our SWC days in the dome in football, it was almost as if we were playing on a road and neutral site series with both of those schools. We would play in front of 80k+ screaming fans on our road games and for our home games, unless A&M or UT was having a terrible year, we were playing in front of split crowds. Fortunately we played our home games in all the other sports on campus and we held our own.

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Thanks, it did look like some kind of auto correct.

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Left hand was one key off . . . . .

im surprised no one has brought this up yet

the 4 teams available for this challenge next season will be Vandy/Georgia/Mizzou/Texas A&M

it will take the projected top 4 (brand and matchup could also come into consideration)

…there is probably a 85% chance we are 1 of the top 4 picked…and then a 1 in 4 chance we play a&m…