SEC/B10 Ready to Move on Their Own

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Is this the first step?

First step for p2 dictating college football.
They better be careful. At some point the Feds are going to step in and it is not going to be pretty. The p2 clearly want to have their own league without the other power conferences. This is what is at stake.
College football died as we know we the 1984 ruling. University presidents were too dumb to recognize the consequences. At the end of the day people want local rivalry. They do not want a USC against Illinois or a mad cows u located in Austin against a Kentucky.
Let’s all hope Mr. Khator has us closer to AAU before we know it.


That’s why I’d rather we someday go to the SEC than the B1G.

The B1G would give us ZERO local rivals.

The SEC would give us the ULTIMATE local (in state, and next door) rivals!


I am not falling into that trap.

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For LAW’s concerns, there will be plenty of content, there will just be a hiearchy.

P2 (48 schools total + Notre Dame)
B1G 10

Big 12
or merged into 1 large conference if both are raided beyond repair


Sankey said there will probably expand the conference to invite other leagues for there input.

They better they’ll find themselves in anti-trust suit.

“There is $25M revenue gap between the B1G/SEC and the next conference”’ the B12 I would suspect. $25M gap is not an insurmountable to overcome.

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The SEC will NEVER invite 3 schools form the same state…even if it is Texas.

Never happening.

the B1G will look for their best Texas option IF they want presence in our state.

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They won’t want such a presence if they can’t get a brand in the Top 30.

Once the top 3-4 schools + Notre Dame leave the ACC, i don’t think it’ll even be worth keeping the conference together.

I expect a full on merger with the Big 12 at that point honestly, and I don’t think the SEC or B1G will consider poaching any of the current Big 12 schools.

If the B1G decides to add any Big 12 schools, it would have to be extremely strategic. I would hope that it would be Houston, but the likelihood of that is incredibly low. Perhaps they would consider SMU in a unique deal, but i don’t know if they think the market is worth it; however, SMU definitely has the money to buy their way into the B1G if it came down to just money

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It won’t come down to that.

NO WAY the B1G takes the smallest brand in the P5, a non-AAU school, and, even worse, an R2 school.

In the next round of realignment, SMU should be completely left out of the P3. The CFP committee made it clear that they feel that SMU DOES NOT belong in the P5 (and I AGREE) by denying them any playoff money.

Not sure why a few people here are so hung up on SMU.

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Let the law suits and senate hearings start if a P2 is even considered. Remember, these institutions receive federal funds.


Sankey and Pertitti well aware of this, they’ll be very careful not to alienate the other P4 schools what they like to do imo is cement there financial advantage in perpetuity if they can. Unlike the NFL there not interested in socialist model of capitalism, sharing the wealth with the M2 anymore than they have to and certainly not the G5. That why if I was Yormark I be checking the with Saudis and there sports wealth fund, to see if they want a piece of the action in collegiate sports to close that financial gap. Political heat or not.



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We knew it was coming, SECB10 strong-arming NCCA to basically let them control college sports or they will splinter off.

Dennis Dodd Article


2 x 24

Mark my words!

Which 8 schools get added to the SEC, and which 6 to the B1G?

This article doesn’t discuss such a thing.

Simply discusses the possibility of 34 breaking away.

I don’t believe they’ll break away that is a “or else” threat. There foolish enough to do that there would be fanbase pushback. But there are going to do is set the parameters for being at the big boy table. Some may make it some may not. UH is going to be just fine imo.

Winning National Championships gets eye ball and big time attention in Basketball or Football.

So surprised here wow breaking news

How did I not anticipate

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Assuming Notre Dame stays Independent and BYU goes Independent again

19. North Carolina
20. Virginia
21. Florida State or Miami
22. Clemson
23. Kansas
24. A Texas School ( hoping it is Houston) or Georgia Tech

17. North Carolina State
18. Virginia Tech
19. Colorado
20. Arizona
21. Utah
22. West Virginia
23. Louisville or Cincinnati or Pitt
24. Louisville or Cincinnati or Pitt

Or some of the schools may end up in the other P2…but I think those are the ones in play.

This gives both conferences broad coverage in many of the important states and spreads their conference brand out.

LARGE Public schools are the priority.

If you don’t think they are moving to the NFL model, i dont know what more proof I need to show you.

They’ve been moving the pieces to either side for a decade plus now

Texas going to the SEC, instead of the B1G, really helped us…it gave us a small chance of ending up in the B1G IF they want a Texas presence