Just wanted to say so far the new company running security at TDECU is seems a lot more friendly than the previous group.


I don’t notice them, and that is the way it should be. I like security like my waiters - do your job so I can enjoy my experience. Very professional.

The ones my group has dealt with have been very friendly and caring. One time they checked our tickets to make sure we were sitting in the right spot and the other they wanted to make sure my friends sweater didn’t blow over the railing.

I can’t tell a huge difference from the section monitors, but the guys on the field don’t look like “likes to fight guy”. Or as Ron White says, 'the guys that go home and ___ off to Road House".

I passed by one just below the upper deck and she was yelling and throwing up the Coog Paw! I jokingly told her that she wasn’t supposed to be having so much fun and we had a good laugh. Really nice lady and I promised her I would behave.

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