Seeking 2 UVA Tix (Found!)

Trying to get two tickets for two family members. One an aunt, the other a cousin who is slowly seeing UH as a slightly better option than aggy high (very hell bent on aggy high at the moment). Trying to turn that into a MUCH better option.

Is anyone not going to the game and willing to sell two tickets?

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Plenty of tickets on TickPick if you can’t find someone to sell them to you.

I just messaged you

I just have qty 1

Let me know soon since I’m going to get take out food and call mail it today or if I hear from you early fri, I can mail it in time

Let me know here if you want to decline

He clearly said he needs 2

Decline, thank you for the offer though.

I have two. DM if you are still looking.

I have 2 tickets and a parking pass for the Va game that i’m going to be selling for $50. If anyone is interested, DM me.