Seems like SDSU followed UCs defensive philosophy

SDSU looked like they were doing what Cincinnati was doing to us.

They played very tight on the 3-point shooters (Davis, Brooks) and did not let them get spot up threes. They did not help out much when RG took it into the lane. They made RG take it to the hoop rather than get gunned down by our sharp shooters.

Fortunately, RG made them pay. I wonder if Michigan will try this.

Yeah, I would watch Armoni for entire plays and he rarely got open.

If we follow Montana’s plan…we will be alright!

nothing can be done this season but Armoni needs to improve his dribble this offseason. he was open because he has no dribble… for half the second half sdsus 6’11 center was guarding with 4 fouls. my intial thought was “yes!!” blow by him or force him to foul you…5mins later i realized that was an elite strategy…armoni couldnt shoot over him, he also wasnt driving the ball…foot speed is unnecessary for a stationary defensive assignment

armoni wasnt open, but in theory a shooting guard being defended by a center at the 3 point line should have been the equivalent of being open