Seems like the portal is good for G5

After all the recruits hear about how they will start early in their careers and then up fourth on the depth chart in the SEC, they have ability to change if coaches are less than honest.
Seems like it will spread the talent downhill a bit.
We get big school transfers. Someone gets our transfers. It will balance things out a little because everyone wants to play.

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CFB free agency. It will balance out, in the end. That QB for Purdue came from lower div now the highest percentage completion in CFB

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It’ll only take one breakout 2 star player to turn into a beast and transfer to Alabama for me to throw my computer out the window.

Pretty much, we’re going to lose some guys we really don’t want to lose who move up, we’re going to get some really good guys other teams don’t want to lose. And everyone will be in the churn of the depth chart.

You should look at where UH transfer-outs have landed since the portal started. Many have not landed anywhere and those who have land at places like Nicholls St, UT-Martin, a couple lately at UTSA.


Grass isn’t greener on the other side…we’re like the old Oakland Raiders it was like a last stop for a lot of players considered to be misfits ( not saying our players are misfits) . You couldn’t make it there your career was over.

I think it is more likely that a 4 star beast gets buried on a depth chart and transfers to an AAC school, than a 2 star becomes a beast and a Bama or LSU pick them up. Those teams think they know who is a beast already. They will say a beast in the AAC is a second teaser in the P5 conference.

Stetson Bennet was a walk-on at UGA as a freshman. Then went juco and back to UGA.

At Halftime I thought Kirby Smart was going to send him back to Juco right then :smiley:. Bad clock mgt.

Yes, but Kirby could have called a timeout and gotten him to realize they weren’t just to run out the clock. And weren’t the plays called by the OC?


Agree. Not much went wrong but last 60 sec.