Semi OT: University of Utah student arrested for making a nuclear threat if Utes didn't win football game

Welcome to P5 football? I didn’t even know people still used Yik Yak…anonymous apps aren’t actually anonymous.

Also the 2nd student to make a nuclear threat in the last month as another student was arrested weeks prior.


She was “all in.”

But definitely a resume builder.

"Resident Assistant, Co-ed Dorms, University of Utah, August 2020-September 2022.

Panhellenic Council Athletic Representative, University of Utah, August 2021-September 2022.

Incarcerated Federal Prisoner, Convicted on Threat to Discharge Nuclear Weapon, United States Federal Penitentiary, Florence High, Colorado, November 2022- Present.

References available upon request. Warden and Commissary Manager references must be requested strictly through direct inquiries to the prison.

I’m punctual, a team player and have good people skills. Seeking work in the mining and/or international terrorism industries. Also flexible for business espionage against competitors.

What Others are Saying About My Work: SCTV: “It blowed up real good.”


If we had 50,000 just like her we would be in great shape.


And some of y’all say our fan base is delusional!


The takeaway:

The Utes beat SDSU on Saturday 35-7.

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Mind changed. Suck it BYU bros, invite the Utes to the Big 12.

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If it was a cold fusion reactor, everyone was safe anyway.

All this story needs is an author who is part Richard Justice (sports) and Tom Clancy to write and sell it as a book.

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