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During the last home BB game, a 95 year old Coog was introduced. Comment was that he graduated in '49. Anyone know his name? I play golf with a man who was at UH from '47 to '49 and of course he asked the mans name. I was only partially listening so I missed it. Anyone ? ? ? ? ?


Pat Moran


Thanks . . . . .

Great Coog and a great friend. He’s also a world traveler and has been in about 85 countries.


:exploding_head::flushed:. I’m not sure I can name 85 countries. Great life he has lived.


Don’t feel bad Jess. Most Americans can’t name the States or key members in our government :man_facepalming::man_facepalming:


Pat Moran is one of our best Cougars! Has bought tickets & attended our games forever. Supports the teams Win or Lose. For years made many of the away games. Let’s everyone know he is a proud University of Houston graduate! A real class act!


I was at a basketball game last year and before the game I heard talking in the aisle where it intersects with the small concourse. It was a guy and his wife in their 70’s and the guy goes, “here comes the original gangster!”

He was talking about Pat. Lol

When Pat shows up you know things are right in the Coogaverse.


Pat’s awesome!

In addition to Pat, we have another 95-year old super fan who started school at UH in 1946…

The man I am thinking of served in both WW2 and Korea.

I’ve known him since I was a boy as he and my Dad were close.

Love love love me some Tony B!


The guy’s legendary

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When Pat got out of the Army Air Corp after WWII, he went to UH and graduated in 1949. From the time he was in school to the present, I doubt he missed more than a handful of home games, if he missed any at all. He also was a fixture at most away games. You won’t find a more loyal and dedicated Coog than Pat Moran. I just wish we had about 30 thousand more like him.