Senior Night 2024

I see that Shead, Cryer, J’Wan, Mylik, Dunn, and Ryan Elvin are all classified as seniors. I’m sure that all of them are gonna be honored during Saturdays game, but do any of them still have any eligibility left after this year? And if so; if they are “honored” on senior night could they still play next year ?


Everyone except for one…don’t remember who, all have a year left

Wilson is the only one I believe out of eligibility


Mylik has another year left.

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I think we are only going to lose Shead.

That jersey needs to go into the rafters ASAP.


He gone!

Every senior night under Sampson, I have a greater appreciation of the seniors who bought in to the program, gave their blood, sweat and tears throughout their career, and made the program better than when they first started. Sampson only recruits high quality individuals, so I will be interested to read what each player has planned for their next chapter.

Their play is etched in our memory, and many years from now, we will bring them up to a new generation of UH fans, who never experienced their greatness. Our job as fans is to make sure our new fans know and appreciate UH’s past players and history.


All of the seniors still have the COVID year left if they choose to stay. However we have new recruits coming in so there’s no room for all of our players to return.

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We must train new fans in our culture, right?
Go coogs !

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So how many have to leave to make room for the new recruits?

I know COVID allows for an expanded roster through next year. But I honestly don’t kniw the numbers.

Shead is definitely gone, he has played his way into being an NBA draft pick.

Outside of him, I dont see a player that you think would be dumb if they came back. Cryer could be Sasser next year but this year he won’t be drafted. Roberts?

Not to diminish Roberts value to the team and his incredible improvement over the years, at best, I see Roberts as a journeyman NBA player or more likely, making a good living playing basketball overseas.

On a few players I think it boils down to NIL money vs what they can make elsewhere…
Shead is one of my all time favorites but I am still in limbo whether he gets drafted.
I could maybe see him as a role player in the NBA.
He is not a very good shooter and has a hard time getting to the hoop against taller opponents.
That said, I hope he gets drafted and makes lots of money.
Regardless I will be wearing my new Shead jersey often!

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If no-one left, we’d be at (15).

Shead stock is :arrow_upper_right:.

If you’re All American guard, you go pro.

Shead, Cryer, Roberts are the 3, I expect to leave.

Zach Edey was all American last year but returned. But then again I don’t see us getting bounce in the first round of the big dance lol

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Yes, and i did say All American guard :wink:

All American bigs like Edey, or Armando Bacot, Hunter Dickinson, do stick around cause the NBA game isnt a great fit for them

I thought we could have 13 through next year but I could be wrong.

I think Shead, Roberts, and Dunn are the main candidates to leave. Cryer I think stays another year, maybe with more primary ball handler responsibilities, as that is the only way he gets a look professionally at his size. If we lose Shead, Roberts, and Dunn, everyone else comes back, and we add Miller and McCarty, that gives us one spot to use in the portal.

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I think you are spot on with this.

Can you give a player an Academic Scholarship instead of an Athletic scholarship, then have him on the team, not counting against the 13 limit?

Seems as if it’s trending towards Cryer Shead J’Wan Dunn and Wilson gone.