Seniors returning next year?

Anyone heard any word if we are getting our seniors back for another year? NCAA mentioned a eligibly relief for all spring sports

I can confirm for fact all baseball players are granted extra year…NCAA, NJCCA and NAIA. Could be a ton of grad students moving around. Tough break for incoming HS grads and JUCO Sophs

You can rest assured the good incoming recruits aren’t too worried

I wouldn’t count those chickens just yet as I seen plenty of players in that category riding the pine in JUCO

The really talented are going to play just like any other year. Others will redshirt How many seniors does UH have?

And does everyone including under class men get an extra year?

Yes Sir, every baseball player in NCAA, NJCCA and NAIA gets an extra year of eligibility regardless of class

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It’s going to make for some very tough choices for all involved. D1 roster is 35 players and that includes redshirts and medical waivers


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If basketball got Harris back and DeJon and Grimes stay, I just might have to predict a final four next season. With the freshmen coming in, I think that would truly be a complete team.

I can’t vouch for basketball but I know for 100% baseball players have been told that they are getting extra year

It is 100% not done yet. There will be a recommendation made Monday but who knows what the ncaa does…they’ve made plenty of bad decisions before. Follow Kendall Rogers to get insight into what’s going on behind the scenes.


Wow…son was told by staff they’re getting year back. Some of his older buds at D1 told same…what could go wrong…this will get very ugly. NCAA is delusional if think lawyers and political pressure won’t be coming if they really decide to screw the kids over. I really feel bad for those HS players that didn’t get to take it all in during their SR season. Things like SR Night, etc as for so many it’s the end of the road, playing game they’ve loved since t-ball at 4-6 years old. Such a shame it had to end like that.


Looks like we will get another year… wonder how the coaches/school are going to be doing scholarships?

They should let the players know ASAP… and if there are any players not coming back, they should let the coaches know ASAP… #GoCoogs

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NCAA had no choice but to grant the extra year A) it was the right thing to do B) Every other body had already granted it…D2/D3/JUCO/NAIA etc. Kendall Rogers has more info on his twitter feed. If you don’t have the SM stuff he posted…Rosters will remain at 35 BUT any returning SR will not count against the 35. Also it’s up to the school how much they give the returning SR on scholly…could be what was getting or could be $0.