Serious Question: Why is the defense so bad?

It’s harder to train 1-2 year transfers vs recruiting out of high school where the Hogie crew has not set the world on fire…


No, he wasn’t but maybe better than Audu or Emery. Again, I think injuries have contributed to the defense’s problems, but I don’t think they’re the real culprit.

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Depending on transfers is like depending on used cars, some are good but some can be clunkers.


First teams took advantage of our aggressive DL and mobile QBs torched us especially with our arm tackling.

Now they are getting rid of the ball quickly.

What I don’t understand is how our cover guys all seem to end up in groups against only 1 or 2 receivers while leaving others completely wide open. If we are going to be mostly zone, it has to be executed better than this.

The frustrating part is that had we been running this offense earlier in the season, we likely have wins against Tulane and Tech. The #1 QB at KU was too much for the D at that point of the season.


Game 1 against UTSA showed us that our D was a trash fire, injuries and Belk not being that good at his job have made it worse.


Do you know how bad you have to be to be worse than D’nofrio? I can’t believe we’re even having that discussion. But we are.


I would love to see some game tape that focuses on the pass coverage. It has been mind boggling to see how open they have been the last few games.

Defense is terrible, but it’s a symptom of a mediocre football program. It’s more evident on the secondary as it’s the most inexperienced position group.


Are we statistically the worst pass defense in the country? It wouldn’t shock me if we are.

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We haven’t tackled well all season. Doesn’t matter who plays for us, we aren’t gonna get many stops if we don’t tackle.


I was there in the stadium holding on now we did fumble deep in their territory which caused drama. We could have kicked a field goal then it’s over but that fumble late caused drama.

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Agreed, before the injuries we were at least making some stops but still giving up some big plays.
We are getting zilch pass rush which also tends to expose the secondary. Our linebackers have been decent stopping the run but seem to be clueless covering passes to the tight end and swing passes out of the backfield.
Our problems go much deeper than injuries however


We just don’t have dudes at CB. That’s on CDH and Belk for not recruiting and developing them. No Pass rush without Parish. They’ve recruited really no one of note in their time here on defense. Aside from some WR/RB, recruiting has been poor under CDH.


Tough break on that late fumble. Had the first down and our kid was fighting for extra yardage.
Nothing like early in the game when dropped a sure touchdown pass that looked like a lateral to the Temple DB

#111 of 131 before today giving up 269.9.
Today’s disgrace should drop them 10 + spots.


The defense has seriously declined all season. If wasn’t great the first few games but it has completely tanked the last few games… teams do not even have to punt anymore.

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If you think it’s bad this year, just wait until next season. We lose multiple seniors and there’s practically no one coming back with significant experience that made an impact this year with the exception of Dot, Ceaser, and Sedrick Williams. That’s it.

Parish- gone
G Owens-gone
D’Anthony Jones-gone
Jamykal Neal-gone
Jayce Rogers-gone
Art Green-gone
Atlias Bell-gone
Malik Robinson-gone
Thabo Mwaniki-gone
Latrell Bankston-gone

We lose five defensive lineman going into a B12 schedule against Texas and TCU at home.

So, if you’re the A.D., do you feel confident a coach will put the right group on the field next year knowing how many seniors we lose?

People can say what they want about past coaches and their lack of recruiting, but despite a few players that turned out well, there’s almost no significant depth on the defensive side of the ball after 4 years.

I guess next year will be a rebuilding year. That’s the excuse I expect to hear from Dana when we get our butts kicked at home against the likes of TCU and Texas.


We will go 3-9 next year with some blowouts- it will be ugly.


What about the transfer portal. Can’t we go after some player on that?


Gulp- Holy Guacamole !, what about offense.