Service Above Self Tom Herman

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If Tom was a real humanitarian, he would’ve hooked Anthony up with a Paul Wall diamond-encrusted grill. C’mon coach!

In reality…cool move by CTH. I hope we can keep this guy around as long as possible. He just spews positivity like a unicorn shooting a rainbow out of its…well, you know. I bet Todd Graham’s never done a thing like this.Good job coach!


“I love the University of Houston. I love the city of Houston,” Herman said. "My wife loves the University of Houston. My wife loves the city of Houston.

Anytime we can give back to the university or the city we are going to take that opportunity because we are blessed, quite frankly, to be in a position in our lives economically that we can do that. I believe in a life of giving and not taking. (And) the places that are most special to me and my family right now are the University of Houston and city of Houston."


Am I foolish to believe this is what will keep him in Houston?

Not at all. These are the kinds of things that I’ve been telling those on the outside about for months now. The man knows he can do great things here at UH and can have a statue next to Yeoman. He may leave, but it won’t be about money. This man is able to be a father to his children here and many don’t realize how much that really and truly means to him. We are luck to have him for as long as he decides to stay here, and I’ll support him the entire time.


Really hope he stays. He is a class act and seems to really care not just about the players and the program, but also about the university and city overall. He has a much better quality of life here and has made plenty of connections with the local luminaries including the mayor, Paul Wall, JJ Watt, James Harden, Slim Thug, et al. I could see him becoming a fixture here in Houston for a very long time. And after all he’s done for our university and city, he deserves better support from us, especially our more fickle fans.

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This is exactly why we need to keep showing up and support our Coogs rain/shine and win/lose. For some people, there are things more important than money and I think we can give him that. Being in the gutter for so long we know that it is a blessing that we have him. We need to be sure to show him that.

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