Seth Green, Grad Transfer from Minnesota


Was expecting to see this guy:


image He approves


Says tight end, then dual threat qb, I presume he is a tight end

We need him as dual threat then we’re set in case

F yeah!!!

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Wide Receiver

This says wildcat QB

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Allen Eagles baby!! One Town, One Team!!

We’ll if needed he can be gb if someone goes down.

He was recruited as a qb, got to Minnesota and was used like a taysom hill in 2018. Threw 3 TD, rushed for 8 and caught 1. I guess the offense moved on or evolved after that because his usage fell off a cliff. But hes 6’4 240 and has proved he can play effectively at the power 5 level. I think Dana and gang can have some fun with this one

Awfully big for a receiver at 6’4" and 240 lbs. Probably more like an H-back or Tight End.

Could provide a big target, if nothing else.

Hey we could see him run a tight end reverse with a pass to the QB.

The old Carl Hilton crossing pattern.


Carl “effing“ Hilton …one of my faves

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Call him the Robot Chicken.

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The Dana haters sure are quiet lately…big, athletic kid…hell yeah

Just win baby !

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Good tight end prospect with good size and athleticism…and can play back up QB in an emergency if need be…NICE…


I like green being QB in goal line situations where things tighten up. The def would have to worry about him plowing over defenders or passing.

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