Several UH grad programs make the USNEWS Top 50

I already posted about the law school, but other UH grad programs were ranked as well. See here.

Top 50 Ranked UH Graduate Programs Nationwide:

  • Part-Time Law (No. 6)
  • Intellectual Property Law (No. 6)
  • Health Care Law (No. 9)
  • Petroleum Engineering (No. 9)
  • Online Overall Graduate Education Program (No. 10)
  • Legal Writing (No. 21, a 41-point increase from 2023)
  • Trial Advocacy (No. 24)
  • Environmental Law (No. 26)
  • Social Work (No. 28) @HWSCoog
  • Pharmacy (No. 31)
  • Chemical Engineering (No. 34)
  • Business – Part-Time MBA (No. 41)
  • Tax Law (No. 44) @EastCoastCoog
  • Business/Corporate Law (No. 47)
  • Contracts/Commercial Law (No. 47, a 12-point increase from 2023)
  • Criminal Law (No. 50, a 16-point increase from 2023)
  • Industrial Manufacturing (No. 50)
  • Political Science (No. 50)

All Hail The University of Houston!!

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All those programs and we’re in the 60s?

The overall ranking is separate from the individual rankings, and use a different methodology.

The individual program rankings are based on reputation surveys of academians.

The overall law school ranking is based on a variety of quantitative factors, with academic reputation playing on a small role.

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Graduate College of SW up to 28!? Wow! I think we were in the 50’s when I was there 2002-2004.

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Guess we upped our game of manipulating data to give to us news…

After reading about a couple of universities fudging data to get higher rankings I don’t put much stock in these ratings anymore.


Oh absolutely. You should see the recently released law school rankings. Harvard Law at number 5?


USNWR is just mad that Harvard, Yale and Penn have all told them to buzz off. More are going to do it.