Shannon Dawson

What do y’all think about Shannon Dawson as new offensive coordinator? He has worked at Southern Miss in the past.

Apparently he is being hired by UH.

So, he is buying a house in Houston and said he was the new Offensive Coordinator at UH. At least that is what he said.

Just as long as it is Dana’s offense and he will be heavily involved.

DH is already on record as saying he will be handling play-calling.

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Dawson has worked with CDH before. His record at S.Miss looks good as far as numbers are involved.

He would also be able to give insight as to how to score on UNT. Solid move if true.

Staff coming together just in time to host our recruits

Maybe he’s coming in as QB coach since like others have said Dana is taking over play calling duties.

I think he was OC when he was at WVU even though Dana called plays.

I gotta say, that’s pretty far down the list of reasons to hire someone. In fact, I don’t think it’s on the list.


With all due respect this is the only one of Dana’s rumored hires at UH that I would consider bad. A quick trip to Google will tell you he’s pretty much universally despised at his last three coaching stops.

He’s immature, arrogant and the only thing he will bring to your staff of value is someone for Dana to hang out with and drink with.

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Well, sometimes you need a copilot.



Philip Montgomery’s primary job as Briles’ OC was to fetch Art’s coffee in the morning, so we’re familiar with the concept.


That explains his success at Tulsa. Oh, wait…

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Lol wow. I didnt say it was a reason, I was suggesting it was a perk that came with the hire.

Dawson was considered an offensive guru after becoming OC at SFA. The Jacks went from 16 ppg to first in the FCS in passing. He also coached with Hal Mumme at two stops. It’ll be interesting to see what his role is, non-play calling OC and a position coach or just a position coach. RBs and TEs are all that’s left unless they decide to have inside and outside receivers coaches, which I doubt.

Yes, he had a rough go at Kentucky. They didn’t have a decent QB and their personnel were ill-suited to implement the air raid. Coaches can’t make chicken salad out of chicken :poop:


Not sold on this guy. Screams Dinofrio thru and thru.

“It was a disastrous season that saw Dawson take over an offense Neal Brown had built into a strong unit, only to tear it down and make it one of the worst offenses of any Power 5 team.”