Shaqir O’Neal Commits to TSU

Youngest son of Shaquille commits to Texas Southern. I know it’s not UH news but this is still very neat to see regardless if he stays committed.

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it’s a done deal. Head coach was on the staff at LSU when Shaq was there. Now what’ll be interesting to see if Shaq makes cameos on campus like Kenny Smith does you may see Inside the NBA shot there one night.

TSU has built a nice program.

Proud to call them our neighbors!


Shaq has retained a residence in Sugarland area for long time. He actually had some family members living there recently I believe. He visits the Houston area alot n may even have another residence in Metro Houston. Money :moneybag: is not an issue for him! :smiley:. #CommercialsCommercials

Compliments of The General?


I remember Shaq being on campus a couple times. He had a friend that lived in the towers.

I could be mistaken but I believe Shaq once had a girlfriend who was attending UH.

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I saw in an article that his mother lives in Houston now too.

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Or several!!

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I read a story once about Shaq standing in a wal-mart for 2 hours signing autographs for everyone there and, if I remember right, buying gifts for all of the kids there… He’s a good dude.


Apparently he hasn’t just committed but signed to TSU.

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Why choose TSU over Texas and LSU, smh

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Good question.

Maybe to be a bigger fish in a smaller pond?

you do realize it’s about relationships and he may not even play at some of those places. Now with the portal folks can try places out and bolt if they don’t like it and with him being Shaq’s son someone will give him a look always.

He doesn’t need money and may get an NBA look just cause of name at worst with a decent career - John Stockton’s son comes to mind.

Who says he’ll even pan out? Jordan’s sons were average, Drexler’s son wasn’t Clyde so who knows. Murphy, Jr. rode the bench at UH.

Being Shaq’s son is half the hype.

There is a movement among some to intentionally spotlight HBCUs. That might also be a factor.


Main reason is the TSU Coach is very close friends w Shaq. They were teammates at LSU and have remained very close friends through the years. Anyhow that is the connection.

Edit: Johnny Jones


Johnny Jones was an asst at LSU when Shaq played there that is the connection.

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Thanks. I know he played there also. I just know they stayed very close after Shaq left LSU.

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