Shooting at Lakewood Church

Ok. :roll_eyes:

Lina doesn’t post here. Stop with the politics. Everyone else is managing, you can too.


The family said she quit taking her/his meds. That he/she was normal when in meds.

The santa fe shooter was schizo. I know his court assigned shrink

This is just another case of coogfans arguing the same point from multiple angles… honestly, tragedy. I was like 50:50 on whether to post to coogjazz and I almost deleted it. Had a feeling someone might take it the wrong way.

Everyone here is safe, and honestly, the only thing I care about is the 7 year old that is in critical condition.

Yeah, absolutely tragic.

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No, you did. Hate crimes aren’t necessarily political. I don’t know why you assume it is. Also shouldn’t any crime like that happening at a house of worship be investigated for potential hate crimes?

Ok whatever you say duce

Not arguing just saying that the santafe shooter had the same mental illness.

It’s clear who can and who can’t though.

Some posts are removed and some aren’t.

You aren’t the only one with posts being deleted. Not even close.


Didn’t say I was but the posts that are allowed to remain paint a clearer picture of what I mean.

Funny, we get similar complaints from others referencing your posts. There is no list of who gets away with stuff vs who doesn’t. Everyone feels like we’re picking on them when we remove or hide a post.

The difference you might be seeing is I tend to just hide posts more often than delete. Others maybe more likely to delete.

I don’t know what you’re talking about. We let a lot slide and aren’t perfect. We do our best.

I’m not sure why you think you are being unfairly targeted but will just say that I disagree. If you want to pm us about it, feel free.

And btw, there are those from the other side of the aisle that tell us the exact same thing.


How this individual got a gun is beyond me. This individual had a rap sheet that went on for years. I am 100% for protecting the second amendment but whoever sold this individual a weapon should be in jail.
I will write it again. We have a huge mental issue in all so called civilized countries. If silicon valley can produce a brand new software we ought to have one that connects psychiatry records, law enforcements and dealers. I understand that laws might have to be changed but isn’t worth it? This is common sense.
Every single massacre is tied to mental issues. Every single one of them.

We are going to quickly get to politics but a couple of questions.

Has it been confirmed that it was sold to her?

If yes, was it illegal to sell to her? You can’t put someone in jail for something that isn’t illegal.

It has nothing to do with being political. Law enforcements has to be given the tools to better control mental issues that can lead to this.

It’s not political yet. And you ignored my questions.

This is from The Guardian:


Multiple offenses and threatening neighbors. The law enforcement “system” is obviously flawed.

So she bought it.

You want the person that sold the gun in jail. Was it illegal (your article says no)? Did the person know about her issues? What you put that person in jail for?

I think your issues are with the current laws on this. Not the person that sold the gun.

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