Short kicks today

Why would we kick to their 30-35 two times in the second half and give them great field position especially toward. the end of the game?


It was surprising. Can only guess they did not want to give them a chance for an explosive play but I wondered the same thing.

Maybe it had something to do with wind conditions? I don’t know if the broadcast said anything about it because I was watching on my phone on mute.

They questioned it as well.

Everyone questions it. Bad coaching decision. Our K has consistently reached the EZ. And UConn is not known for explosive plays.

But with some of the tackling issues re-surfacing during the UConn game, was UH special teams primed for an explosive return against them? I still think you kick it deep or at least deeper than they did.

Kicks out of bounds would have been better.

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Why didn’t the reporter ask Holgerson?