Should the Internet be regulated like a utility?

Who owns the wire exactly and how about the content? Just wondering.

More important, who controls the algorithms

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A) Everyone
B) No one
C) It’s a secret and we are keeping it from you !

I think it’s D), the individual telecom companies around the world. I would guess
they paid for the large fiber optic cables under the oceans that girdle the earth. We used
to purchase certain chunks of bandwidth from them and that’s how they recoup their investment
I believe, but that’s about all I know from my telecom engineer buddies.

As for content, I would think it’s the website service that owns the content they develop, or
rent/lease/for use license from the media companies ( Disney’s, various picture and show producing companies, etc)

I tend to think of “the internet wire” owners kinda like the pipeline companies are owners of their
pipelines. Different from say the electrical power lines which are controlled by socialistic/capitalistic monopoly entities.

But they don’t own the oil and gas. :sunglasses:

Exactly. They don’t own the bits they allow to go down their wires. But thread
carefully here, or we can revive the net neutrality debate on how they can shape or
slow down certain users.

The companies and search engines you use no doubt . So yeah, we all
get played by them and they feed us what we crave to confirm our bias and world
views. Is that wrong ? Morally ? How they use that virtual profile of you, me, and everyone
they build is certainly up for debate I think. I’m not sure we even have the legal ground
work in place to address what the issues are. It’s almost like the bar tender that keeps serving
you, even when he knows you have had too much already.