Shriner's Classic Game 3: Texas A&M @ 3pm (L 3-2)

Said it yesterday, but I hope we don’t ever play here again. Don’t know if it’s the bright lights or something, but kids just don’t look right out there.

Send us to play in Corpus, Round Rock, Dallas, California, wherever…just don’t play in this park anymore.


Remember a few years back they left us out of this tournament, invited a bunch of B12 and SEC teams. We got mad, they put us back in. Thinking I’m fine with that now.


Bottom 8th

1 out Triolo walk and then Davis doubles off the wall in left to score Triolo…Aggies lead 3-2

After a K, Aggies go to the bullpen.

Another K ends the inning

Big Joe comes through again…he has been so close to just a mammoth tournament.

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The year they left us out, we went down to Corpus and won 2 of 3 vs Mizzou, Illinois, and A&M CC. Ended up hosting the regional that year.

Watch, we’ll win 2 of 3 or sweep next year in Round Rock.

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Our offense is Joe Davis and thats it


Just about. Basically, Triolo gets on base and Davis gets him home. Not much else.

Top 9th

Leadoff single and Rooney goes to the pen; Spencer Hynes on to pitch.

Hynes gets the next 3 hitters in probably his best outing of the season.

M9…Aggies lead 3-2

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Great job by Hynes. Really looked in control going after the batters…dictating the situation.

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Ball Game: Coogs down in order in the 9th

Welp, behind the 8 ball again early in the season. Time to get healthy as we need to win 3 or 4 this week against Rice and Army at Schroeder.

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Three years in a row attending the Minute Maid tournament where we get blown out twice and lose the third game by 2-3. For future seasons, I vote forget this awful tournament and go elsewhere from now on.


I promise if we come back here next year I’ll stop calling it Enron and switch to Minute Maid Park. Just trying to change things up. Doing my part.

The ballpark nazis threw away my sunflower seeds as entered on Friday (they were in a friends clear plastic bag). Said they weren’t allowed per the Astros. So my Friday mood made its way to the field and into the dugout. Sorry about that. Man don’t touch my sunflower seeds.

I’m with the consensus here… this tournament (and the ballpark nazis) can kiss my butt as soon as I unfreeze it from this seat at tonights game.

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Unfortunately TW said as long as they get invited they will accept invitation to Shriners Classic. Maybe he was just giving lip service…hope so.

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Actually they just announced 2020 Field and UH not in it. Yay. Although D1 Baseball writer–Rodgers reporting Alabama will have to drop out.

I wasn’t able to make it out this year because of my schedule, but looking at it on tv there is no one there I wonder if its time for the Astros to pull the plug because they aren’t making enough money on the event.

Always been like that as far as fan turnout at MMP. Just so early in season, plus competing w your own College basketball teams in some cases. More concerned w Coogs issues w hitting and pitching at moment. But can’t say I’m shocked esp w/o high level SP for Friday/Saturday gms when Conf starts. Could be in for long season.

They didn’t draw because the two local teams didn’t bring fans. Wait till next year when LSU and Texas are in it. They will draw very well.

We’re not in it because we’re already committed to the Round Rock Classic Feb 21-23, 2020… UH, Stanford, Tennessee, Texas Tech.