SI Report: Big 12 to hire Roc Nation executive for commissioner

“The Big 12 commissioner job was a highly sought-after position. A bevy of high-profile athletic directors were in the mix as well as some conference executive staff members, but the league took a different approach. Over the last two days, a small group of Big 12 presidents interviewed three finalists in Dallas. None of the final candidates currently work in the college sports industry.”

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I misread it as Jayz being the next commissioner.


The guy was also the CEO of the Brooklyn Nets for several years and was an executive for NASCAR.


Yes. He’s well connected and has the swagger needed to lead. This was a great hire.

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I hope he makes Texas play us at TDECU. :grinning:


If this guy can renegotiate contracts and get UT/OU to stay and poach some names from other conferences for a 16, holy moly.


I have some oceanside property in Arizona to sell you


So, if he wow’ed them in the interview and he was one of only a few non-college sports candidates that tells me he probably reached out for the job. He probably spent a lot of time studying the situation and he probably is a fan of “college”sports. I hope that’s the way it went. That would mean he knows he can do this job.

I would rather think he reached out before them.

Or maybe Tilman recommended him?

I guess what I’m thinking is I want someone that said, “I would run that like a boss!”

Yeah I don’t think anyone in the conference said “We should reach out to that rap agency guy” (Yeah, I know his background is much deeper than that, but that’s the item in every headline.)… he sees something in the conference that he thinks he can sell. That he nailed the interview also suggests he has a vision. Roc Nation’s deal with the NFL is intriguing, giving me a vision of us as a sort of Cowboy Troy conference (or whoever the hep country rapper is these days…). The lack of college experience really does make me nervous, but if he can sell a room of colleges ranging from UH to Iowa State to BYU, maybe he can sell the networks and sports media.



Aresco (well connected) had a vision for the AAC and he nearly pulled it off. But he was dealt the death hand over and over.
At least this guy has a better portfolio and situation to manage. B12 still has great brand appeal thanks to Bowlsby. Depending on perspective its an excellent portfolio.


I don’t see how it would be the commissioner’s place to tell us where to play our home games.


I hope this dispels the notion that the Big12 commissioner opening was not sought after. I heard from a few radio personalities that nobody wanted to take over the Big12 commissioner role because it was seen as a sinking ship. Multiple articles are saying otherwise.

I’m excited about this hire and I’m more optimistic about landing a good TV deal.


I second Manny’s comments.

I think this will be a great hire. As an NBA team and NASCAR executive, I’m sure he is familiar with media negotiations. I think he will well position us for a Big XII network or whatever streaming presence the conference will have moving forward.

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Welcome to Big D and the Big 12. An out of the box hire, we will see. He has a lot to learn with the college scene.

Yeah, that was always a ridiculous assertion.

As CEO of the dumpster fire Brooklyn Nets, the Big 12 seems like a paid vacation.

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He had no decision making w the roster or managing of the Team. In charge of the arena-- Barclays Center. Was able to negotiate several CBB gms that were played at Barclays during his time there.

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