Signing Day Event - Feb 7th @ 6 pm

Seems like this will be rather anti-climatic this year. Only Tune to really talk about post early signing. Maybe the early enrolled will be

They plan on talking about all recruits since they didn’t have an “early signing event.”

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I got the invite, but it seems so after the fact. I don’t know if I will attend; it’s a hassle to cross town for a few minutes of coach speak about players we signed a couple of months ago.

Red - This event is one small thing they do for donors to show their appreciation. I enjoy mingling with fellow CP donors.


This is the rare opportunity to get those nuggets about recruits. Can’t wait!

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Or just get nuggets.

I might make the trip if SMU @ UH wasn’t the next night [8 pm for those not following the best UH basketball team since Pat Foster’s squads]. As a full-time surbanite with an 8-mile work commute, I am not making that trip on consecutive nights. #OldManSyndrome

Any comments from those who attended?