Signing Day Event Location

FYI - For those who are planning to attend signing day event and did not receive the CP email.
I just called Cougar Pride to inquire about the location and parking for the signing day event next Wednesday. CP said an email went out yesterday announcing it will be in the Band Complex East side of TDECU. I commented that I did not receive the email. Not sure if the new guy in CP cared about me not receiving the email. He also said free parking in the garage and platinum lot.

Are you in or above the $500 donation level?

UH13 - Received the first email on announcing the time and date with location TBA. My CP donation level is $2,000 per year so I don’t know why I would not have received the location email.

I didn’t receive it either but i figured that’s why. I didn’t reach 500 before last fiscal year.

I just received the email.

Marsaave - Just received the email also. Maybe my call prompted CP to send again???

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I guess if you give straight to the 46er’s you aren’t considered… (my case.)

CougarBandito - Do you have season tickets with a required CP donation of $500+? If so you should have received an invite to the signing day event. If you do have a CP required seat donation of $500+ I’d call CP and inquire about getting into the event if you want to go.

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I believe people who give to the general Cougar Pride fund have more offers sent their way vs. those that only give to a sport specific fund. I also got the email today. Maybe they set it up yesterday to go out today, or just set it up yesterday but forgot to “hit send”.