Signing day event

I got an invitation to attend he signing day event at TDECU in the Club on 2/7/2024. Are we expected to sign anymore HS players on that day? I don’t think the transfer players actually sign, they just go to the first practice or enroll at the college.


Hey Mike,
Please give us Out of Town Coogs (OOTC) an update if you go .
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It’s nice that we have enough recruits to actually have a signing day event.
I plan to go.


Who are the HS recruits we expect to sign? On 247, it shows 15 HS kids, all of whom have signed during early signing. It also shows 18 transfers, but doesn’t show who has enrolled.

It’s the end of the 2024 recruiting class for signees. In the email it reads the following

“You’ll have the opportunity to hear from Coach Fritz and Staff as they present the incoming 2024 recruiting class”

I would imagine they will show slides or videos with highlights of each player . It’s something to create fan engagement which most complained has been lacking


It’s a $10,000 per person admission. $20,000 if you want the players to shake your hand and say hello.

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$10K? :open_mouth:

The ship has sailed on the signing day event.


Did we recruit this guy? We need him.

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In light of what I guess was an attempted joke by Bussey and just to clarify, it appears to be free for Captain’s Club (or higher) members of Cougar Pride.

Free food and cash bar.


I plan on going also. This will give us a chance to hear from Coach Fritz. Hopefully Pez begins to understand he needs to mingle with the CP supporters and shake hands. Would be nice if he had a little Dave Maggard smooze in his personality.


I rsvp’d and am going to try and make it. 5pm is early making in from the energy corridor area

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I’ve been to many of these UH signing day events, and, in case you haven’t, no players are there, all the signing has happened prior to the event, and it’s a combination donor appreciation/enthusiasm builder type of thing. It’s essentially a social event.

This year’s event will undoubtedly include a formal introduction of our new head coach, who will likely present all of his assistant coaches.


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If it is a limited access event (Captain’s Club or higher posted earlier), does posting the invite on an open board make sense? Most may not be allowed in or is it open to all the public?

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I’m conscious of such things.
Nothing indicates it’s an invite only event.

It is invite only for Cougar Pride donors of $500 or more. I received an email inviting me to the event with a link to RSVP.


You have to register to go.

I’m guessing you will not be able to register if you’re not Captain’s Club or higher.

But those who can register can bring a guest, so if you know someone who qualifies, ask if you an be their guest.

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Like the use of UHome24 for events and alum.

Would like to go, but getting down to UH from The Woodlands by 5pm is tough. Hope for a full report from those who can attend!

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