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Nice article on the improved recruiting stats for the Coogs. Cautiously hopeful going forward. Signing Day: Top 2023 Classes in Texas | Five Tool Baseball


Did you just post something positive about the baseball program? Is that allowed anymore? :smile:

Good news, indeed. Let’s get these guys on campus and turn things around.


This is wonderful news and so glad the Coogs are back to signing top high school kids…I think Kivett is the key here and I truly believe he is being groomed to take over for Todd. We shall see…


If these guys all sign there will be a lot of kids leaving next year for the portal….

Kids like this don’t sign unless they know they are going to play immediately.


Coach Kivett is very well thought of in the baseball community. It’s amazing when you actually recruit the Greater Houston / SE Texas area what can happen


I’ll hold my enthusiasm until I see results on the field. I’ve heard how great our classes have been before and seen lackluster results.


Glad to hear some good news on the baseball front. Need to get this train back on the tracks.

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I agree with the wait and see attitude……as bad as it’s been lately it needs to be proven.

Also, gonna have to sweat a couple of these guys on the draft.( Russell, Ochoa, Bennett)

If they all make to campus it’s a nice foundation……this year is going to be similar to last year.

Moving to the Big 12 and playing time is what got these boys to commit.


Can’t tell you how many commits we have had over the years who never made it to campus!
That said I am at least happy we are back to recruiting decent high school kids.
I might be wrong but I see more changes coming with the program.
I am in no way an insider, but can see needed changes coming soon.
Of course I had the same feeling about womens hoops and nothing has changed


Im pretty sure we know the answer to that question

Yeah like #1 JUCO class how did that work out for us, not good


“Ochoa Acosta is one of the closest prospects to the heart of Houston, and might also be the area’s best- plus, he’s a U of H commit to boot”

I gotta agree! Wait and see. Performance on the field counts.

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