Silver linings

What’s yours? Here’s mine.

One good thing I noticed today is that there are places you can still see Downtown.

On a related note, where is the football operations building going to be and will it block this view. Anyone know?

PS: that was about as bad as I’ve ever seen today and I’ve seen a lot. :angry::nauseated_face:🥹:fearful: still the sun will rise in the morning and let’s beat Rice, please, let’s beat Rice! Go Coogs!


Got a free beer because after they gave it to me they were too busy chatting each other up to run my card. Waited waving my card for at least 2-3 minutes before just walking away. :beers:


More losses mean higher draft position next year


a great silver lining, we play a full slate of G5s

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So…umm…can this coaching staff beat Rice this season?

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To me, the Silver Linings were The Spirit of Houston for constantly getting the fans pumped up (plus the music was really hitting today, it was on point).

Secondly, the Student Section. I did not expect them to stay when the rain started falling HARD, but they were in it & they were loud. I feel that as fans we really want to believe in this team. Sadly we didn’t get the W to validate that (not because we lost, but because of the way we lost) & reward the Student Section for showing up.

Also, I bumped into people that were there to support UH (in UH gear) with little-to-no affiliation to the University. They were just proud to sport the ‘Houston’ name across their chest and cheer for the home team.

Hope we can build the momentum the rest of the season to see more of this.


My parking pass wouldn’t scan, guy tried to extract $20 from me, so there’s that.


Over 30k we’re there, 30317 total and they now sell great catfish there now.


We enjoyed the day and stayed thru out bc that is what p5 fans do. Kanas is a good team and their qb is really good. A dual threat with a powerful arm and his running made the difference.


Had a great time with my son at the game. Although he did not attend UH, he is a great Coog. Makes me proud.


Enough losses will either start a coaching search, or convince the current staff to provide a more disciplined and productive product on the field.
The current philosophy stinks! UH has never been successful running a conventional offense. We are at our best with dual threat quarterbacks, and spread offenses. I thought we had learned that from the Helton days
We can’t afford to get stuck in a run of losing years.
To say this team (Coaches) has been a gigantic disappointment after expectations were raised so high is a huge understatement!!

I doubt Kansas is as bad as the last 2 years. They’re linemen were huge. Utsa playing with Ut about the same as us. Hang in there. Basketball is coming soon.


Disclaimer….home and may have had a shot or two of tequila.

Silver lining, this what sports and school pride is all about. Sharing with family, friends, and strangers your wins, losses, and frustrations. But still realizing the sun will still come up tomorrow and knowing that next week we will cover the line. At least once this year….please! :joy::joy:


I thought the uniforms looked great. The band was good. I don’t but food at games. It took a while to get my beer. Internet was spotty as Hell. I found a pocket near the EZ where I could banter back and forth with you guys and I had a great view if the field. I enjoyed myself and it was my first time ever watching a game from visitor’s side. The home side of the stadium looks cool from over there. Majestic even. Dell is a real athlete. Henry looked tiny today but he ran with vigor. Campbell hits it hard. He’s going to be another Beall before he leaves.


That was our highest attendance since November 10, 2018 vs Temple.


I do agree about a dual threat qb. Coley for next yr could be that guy we need.

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Haven’t lost a conference game yet. So I got that going for me.


Kansas is much improved under this coach. Probably their best team in many many years.


There’s a good chance Kansas beats Texas again. That’s always fun.