Since no game on Saturday

My neighbor, a big Coog fan, produces these art prints about Texas sports history. I got a sneak peek of his new print that is debuting at Christian’s Tailgate Downtown at 3 on Saturday.

Anyway, the artwork is pretty awesome (and big). It’s about black Texas high school football history before 1970 during segregation. I had no idea the amazing players that came out of Texas at that time who attended black high schools. One of the players featured in the artwork is UH great Robert Newhouse.

Anyway, it’s something worth seeing and doing on Saturday since we’re done for the week.


Did he feature Warren McVey ? ? ? ? ? on any of his artwork

No I didn’t see Warren. There are several hall of fame players like Ken Houston send Mean Joe Greene as well as others, and then there are the team photos. He has both a individual photo of Newhouse as well as one of him with his high school team members. The photos are combined with graphics in a cool way, representing not only football but the jazz and Texas blues music that was contemporary to the time.

If it was about high schoolers, he may not have included McVea since McVea came from San Antonio.

However, McVea was an important influence on players around the state, and in Houston, by playing for UH.

Thanks for sharing.

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The artwork will be on display at Christian’s Tailgate Downtown Houston (1012 Congress, next to the Harris County Courthouse) until April 6th, 2019. If you are proud of the history and legacy of Texas football, don’t miss out on the artwork that’s bringing it to the forefront for the first time ever.

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