Since the breakup of the SWC - games played

I’ve been thinking about this a little bit lately and wanted to start pulling numbers regarding the lack of games that our former SWC brethren have played against us. Tonight, I went to college football reference and pulled how many games each of the Big12 teams have played against the non-Big 12 teams as well as games against other teams in Texas:

Nothing really earth-shattering here. We all knew that the 4 (now 5) schools have avoided us while scheduling the others more often. A little depressing that North Texas and UTEP have more games than we do against those teams, but not surprising either.

Not sure which direction I want to look or what my end game will be with this. I’d like to do a similar look at Basketball and may look at other states like Florida and California to see how often their P5 schools schedule their G5 schools to try and contrast and compare.

More to come

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We’ll meet them in the playoffs so I’m not worried.

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None of those UNT games have been at Apogee. I believe the only P5 team to play at Apogee was Indiana in their 2nd game there (we were the 1st). Texas Tech is scheduled to play there in 2027.

UT had all games in Austin
aTm had 2 home games and a neutral site game at Texas Stadium
TT had 3 home games and 2 neutral site games at Texas Stadium
Baylor actually had 2 home and 2 away (Fouts field), but keep in mind Baylor didn’t win more than 3 games any of those years. They weren’t exactly filling up Floyd Casey then.

If we were willing to have bad teams and play one off away games for a paycheck, I’m guessing we might get more of those too.

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This is my takeaway, too. The P5 Texas teams (and P5 teams in general, really) are interested in three things when it comes to non-conference scheduling:

  • getting a home game to increase revenue
  • getting easy wins to maintain bowl eligibility
  • increasing their SOS

Scheduling UH for a home-and-home fails to accomplish 2 out of those 3 things as well as scheduling someone like UNT or Rice would, and if a P5 school is seeking to increase their SOS, there are other schools that are better for that.

Texas hasn’t played at Rice Stadium since 1997 – playing that game at Reliant is basically just a way to give UT more seats at what is basically a home game in Houston, and even if you want to count that as a home game for Rice, they’ve been playing 2-for-1s.

The only G5 school that’s really gotten home-and-homes against the Texas P5 schools is, for $ome rea$on, SMU.

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Their loss


Basketball Games played:

Main take-aways: Texas cut us off after 2000 (I didn’t include the CBI game since they didn’t schedule us), Baylor basically refuses to play us in football or basketball, Aggies and Tech played us while Dickey was here, and TCU won’t play us now that they’re in the Big 12 (If I remember right, Sampson basically said that TCU backed out of a series a couple of years ago and he wasn’t happy about it). Again, nothing really shocking here, but I do wonder if Baylor will start playing us now that Rhodes and Dickey are the AD’s there.

Also, Texas hates us, but they despise SMU apparently. Haven’t scheduled the Ponies in football or basketball since the break-up…not that I blame them. I’d love for us to disassociate ourselves from SMU one day. Even with that, we come in last for total games played against the defectors.

Again, not really sure I’m going with this yet. More to come.

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Tommy dropping bombs

I will personally do a little happy dance when Deloss leaves this Earth.

Sigh…what could have been:,4001662&hl=en

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For real. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an actual coach or administrator drop bombs like this. Honestly, until now, I had assumed the “Deloss kept UH out” thing was a baseless conspiracy theory.

What I’m getting from that second document is that we probably didn’t have the votes. We probably could have gotten in if Miami had gotten in, but they didn’t have the necessary votes, either.

Another important note: getting into the SEC in 1956 doesn’t mean the Coogs would necessarily be in the SEC in 2017. Two of the twelve schools on that document wound up leaving in the following decade, after all. We could have very well done the same thing as Tulane or Georgia Tech. So could Miami. It’s totally possible that we leave for the SWC in the 70s and wind up right where we are today.


Just curious where all the hate from deloss comes from? Was he AD there when we were puttin a whopping on them back in the days before Helton? What gives?

Don’t know the truth of this, but I’d heard that Dodds applied to be the UH AD and didn’t get the position. Because of that, he always held a grudge.

He also was hired at UT in the early 80s which was also the time that schools started to get sanctioned heavily by the NCAA.

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