Since when did the Basketball board become the Football board?

We all hate to loose, but some of these post and threads are down right depressing. This type of negativity has never been part of the Basketball board before. Again, it’s okay too be down after a loss, but common guys!! Stop looking at the negatives and start looking at the positives. We are still a great team, and we will do well in the tournament.


Fantastic post. It happens after every loss. Nauseating.

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It’s what happens usually when your program has tasted success (FB: Peach Bowl 2015 / BB: Final 4 last year). Some are new fans that have never experienced the dark days of Clyde McBrooks hoops or Helton’s run-run-run football. Some are long-time fans that have reset their expectations higher.

I remember the days when UH needed to beat Memphis just for the fans to dream of being a bubble team and hoping ANY post-season action could be earned (or paid for the CBI). I didn’t like the turnovers but Memphis and SMU can be really good teams when they want to be.


Lose, lost, loss. They’re a family. Not loose. Grr. Sorry, pet peeve. :crazy_face: Autocorrect must’ve gotcha. :wink: