Single-Game Tickets, Flex 20 Plans Available

Single-game tickets will once again be $8 for reserved sections (Levels 100, 200, 201, 202).

For general admission, tickets are $5 for games falling on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Group rates with $3 tickets are also available for groups of 10 or more.

$2 Tuesdays (does not include April 16 game vs. Texas A&M) are also back by popular demand.

Reserved Prices:
$8 – Reserved 1 (Section: 100 Level)
$8 – Reserved 2 (Section: 200, 201, 202 Levels)

General Admission (Sections 203-209 Levels)
$2 – Tuesdays*
$5 – Wednesdays, Friday–Sunday

Groups (must have a minimum of 10)
$3 – 10 or more
$2 – Tuesdays*

** $2 ticket option is not available for April 16 game vs. Texas A&M*

The Flex 20 plan allows fans to experience games how they wish (1 per game or multiple per game). The general admission ticket option is on sale for $120 and gives fans 20 vouchers to use throughout the regular season.

The Flex 20 vouchers MUST be claimed prior to gameday and inventory to each game is subject to availability. Any vouchers presented on gameday are not guaranteed to be honored.

NOTE: The Flex 20 is not a season ticket.

Fans wishing to purchase tickets should click HERE or visit . For more information on ticket options for the 2019 season, click HERE .

I just noticed this on the UH website. I plan to go to random games with a buddy mostly depending on the weather on the day of the game. I thought the flex plan seemed interesting until I saw that it’s charging you $6 per ticket for $5 general admission seats. Not only that but they are just vouchers so you still have to go through the process of claiming tickets. Does $60 count for Cougar Pride or is this just a deal for those bad at math?

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Glad you pointed this out. Last year I had season tickets, but I didn’t make enough games to make it worth the purchase this year with money being tight. I was thinking about the flex plan, but didn’t notice that.

As far as I know, there’s no Cougar Pride points going to it. Guess I’ll just buy tickets at the booth the day of the game this season.

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Called the ticket office to see if the price on the website was correct. He confirmed the price was correct. At first he pointed out that “maybe” it’s a dollar more because you can bring any number of people to any one game. I then pointed out that if it’s a rare sell out game between two high ranked teams, the voucher must be claimed before it sells out to be useful and any other game, I can just walk up to the window and buy 20 tickets for my group for $100. He said “actually we have group pricing.” Then laughed realizing that made the Flex Plan even a worse deal. I thanked him for just verifying the flex plan price and then kindly asked if he might point out the strange logic to his manager. He chuckled, said “sure will and have a nice day.”

If anyone wants to know what I hope to gain from that convo other than accurate information, maybe the remote chance they will decide the vouchers can be used for unsold reserved seats at the ticket window. In most games, it’s pretty easy to buy $5 tickets and move down to the half empty reserve seats anyway. I’d be happy to pay the extra $20 to get the “prepaid” upgrade in average attendance games.


The original concept and pricing of the flex plan was excellent! Very fair price, counted as a season ticket for playoff ticket purchases, and no need for vouchers, they sent you actual tickets. Under that plan, I used almost every ticket; bringing friends, introducing new fans, etc. This plan increased revenue through concession sales as well.

As you noted above, the new plan sucks for so many reasons. Sad they lost their way on this package for whatever reason.


Thank you for the input on how it changed over time. I probably haven’t had a 10+ game season of attendance since the 90s and just recently reconnected with an old friend last year that enjoys going to different UH games as much as a social thing as a sports thing so I had no clue if this plan had been around, priced and sold well like this in previous years.

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2 years ago, it was a Flex 30 plan. Our previous AD and his ticket people cut it down to 20 (and I believe raised the prices by $20). Don’t think they thought it through or they were hoping people wouldn’t figure it out.

Ticketing is a constant sore spot.

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I had forgotten it was 30…no wonder we had so much fun!