Single-Game Tickets Now on Sale

Single-Game Tickets Now on Sale


Why is Lamar at 11 a.m.?

Because we need to tailgate with breakfast tacos sometimes.

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Because coach wants to do film study the night of the game with the short week ahead of them against a quality opponent.

So if you buy a single games ticket now for a game does it take that out of the available season tickets? Or did they hold some for single games?

If it’s a reserved seat, I have to imagine it does, which is why they don’t allow for single game tickets to be purchased until much later.

And of the remaining seats left for season tickets, I’m sure they allocated the best remaining seats for season tickets not to be touched by single game buyers.

Good point re: more prep for Cinci game.

Yeah, for the SMU game, single tickets are the worst they’ve allocated. They have a slug of tickets for 2 and 3 packs in better seats on top of the season ticket allocation. For SMU, there are plenty available in the center of the “visitors side” for $35 each. The band and UH allocation are in the NE corner.

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