Single tickets on sale

Can anyone post what the single ticket situation looks like online with a screenshot. Can’t see it trough my phone. More so interested in the beginning match up games such as the exhibition.

Looking at it’s saying single tickets don’t go on sale till 10/14. Season tix available map is this:

Early access happened today for some [probably even earlier for the high rollers]. Oct 14th is for everyone

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Today, I’ve checked several dates and it says no tickets are available.

I was interested in additional for Memphis but then saw the prices started at $50 and I became less interested.

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ArkCoog - Are you a Cougar Pride donor? If so log into your account and there are tickets available for every game. I just checked through my CP account. However, I have season tickets and maybe that is why I can see tickets today in “presale” October 7.

I am. I checked before and after 10 and there was nothing showing. I’ll look again.

For me, the whole seating map is gray. I want two extra tickets for the UCF game but it shows nothing available for any game. Same for all other home games. I have season tickets for football and b-ball. All American giving level. Nothing ever seems to be easy on line. Oh well I’ll just buy two later.

Finally got home to see on the computer. This is for UCF @ArkCoogfan. I really hope this is an accurate indication of how close we are to selling out or making the Fertitta Center a good atmosphere


I suggest you call Cougar Pride and explain to them you are not seeing available presale tickets and / or the ticket office.