Sites for 2023 NCAA Basketball Tournament

I am already mapping out the NCAA tournament sites that are closest to Houston. It would be cool to play at “The Mecca”, MSG.

To bad the Knicks are out-of-town, I would love for Quentin Grimes to be on the sidelines and give the team some positive karma.


No San Antonio this year……bummer.

Wouldn’t have to bend my arm to go to Vegas….honestly I think my airfare and room would be free….what are the chance we wind up in the West?

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Give me the smaller stage. Less distractions for the team

Kansas City and Louisville :+1:

Now obviously, if Kansas is a 1 seed, guess which region they’re getting assigned to (Kansas City).

Some may disagree with me, but MSG is a big stage. And some teams play well under those bright lights. Some have off days, my preference…

1.Kansas City
3.Las Vegas
4. New York

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Arizona fan beechin about F4 in Houston.

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I prefer Des Moines. But then again I am from there and could stay with relatives.

It’ll never stop being funny to me that Denver’s site is Ball Arena. Like if we hadn’t found a sponsor and had decided to call it Sport Stadium when we were building TDECU.

seems brimingham is best for cougars to travel to and fill it up with cougars, unless kentucky is sent there and buys all tickets.

although, i’m personally hoping to watch it from the harveys casino sportsbook in lake tahoe after coming in off the ski slopes, work permitting. :grinning:.

Please let us get Greensboro… Yes, I’m being selfish… :grin:

I think Orlando would actually be a better bet – it’s a little farther, but it’s an easier and cheaper flight to a better city. Birmingham is closer, but Orlando is by far an easier sell.


I have tickets for both Birmingham and Orlando. If not those, figure those would be two pretty good markets for resale.