Six UH seniors stay the course through four coaching changes

Six UH seniors stay the course through four coaching changes
Applewhite becomes group’s 4th head coach
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It’s the latest change for a group that has seen plenty. Since their recruitment, Thomas, defensive end Cameron Malveaux, linebacker Steven Taylor, cornerback Brandon Wilson, defensive tackle B.J. Singleton and offensive lineman Mac Long have gone through four head coaches: Sumlin, Tony Levine, Tom Herman and Applewhite.

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Another great one from JD. That has to be tough. Ot ain’t easy being a Cougar, but neither is life. Those guys are better men for sticking to their commitment. Go Coogs!

I know Duarte doesn’t write headlines. But let me vent. This headline is drummed up and misleading.

  1. Four coaches does not mean four coaching changes. It means three coaching changes.

  2. Some of those kids may have committed to play for Sumlin, but he never coached them a single day. They’ve actually had three coaches since they arrived, and therefore two coaching changes.

  3. In the case of Brandon Wilson and Steven Taylor, they did not commit to UH until after Sumlin was gone.


Sam Khan:

Change the constant for Houston’s fifth-year seniors

While it’s been a winding journey for this group, it has come with several rewards. Houston has 38 wins the last four seasons, making it the winningest senior class in school history. That includes 22-4 the last two seasons, a win in the 2015 Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl over Florida State and a 6-0 record over top 25 teams the past two years. A win Saturday would give the Cougars consecutive 10-win seasons for the first time in program history.