Slow start for USF again

7-7 halfway through the 2nd against Stony Brook.

Stony Brook’s TD came on a blocked punt. Special Teams was a problem for Strong at Texas, and, after the 1st 2 weeks, seems to continue to be a problem for him at USF.

Stony brook up 10-7 with just under 4 to go in the half. USF, other than their TD drive, can’t move the ball.

It is raining in Tampa.

USF with 96 yards at the half. Flowers has thrown for 34.

Stony Brook was 5-6 last year and got drilled by Temple 38-0.

USF looks decidedly not scary. They’re going to have a hard time winning conference games if they can’t get out quicker starts.

USF is gonna be really scary in 2 years when they hire Tom Herman, though.


You think these two games drops USF in ranking?

They are overrated, but who’s gonna pass them up?

USF better watch out for UCF. They looked legit.

Texas was ranked 23rd so who knows what will happen.

Guess is they drop, but are still ranked for now. Struggle next week at UCONN and they may drop out.

Highlights from around the AAC Saturday slate: