Smith: Kelvin Sampson has restored March’s meaning for UH - Hou Chron


No offense to anyone but I’m not paying for anything that hack writes when I wouldn’t read it for free.

And how is the fact that this team is “quite good” (according to the lede) supposed to be surprising or news to anyone? :smirk: That sounds like a backhanded insult to me.


Yep not paying to read articles either!

It was a free article for me. Are you hitting a paywall?

After u read so many articles from that sight they block u it appears

You get three free a month I believe.

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goto and paste url

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It is a HC article, they would have to pay me to read it… and I still wouldn’t !!

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Agreed…when I get a spam call every once in a while asking me to buy the comical, I laugh…and then when they ask me why not, I go into politics and UH for reasons, and they hang up lol