Smith's fourth down pass

Smith is maturing as a QB and had several great throws yesterday and the week before - however there is something I’m wondering why no one is talking about.

Smith has a bad habit of throwing BEHIND his receivers as they are crossing or moving laterally - which he did 5 to 6 times on Saturday.

I understand how everyone is so focused on the TERRIBLE third down spot - but on the last fourth down try, Smith rolled out and threw another pass behind the receiver and never gave Johnson a chance to catch the ball (as he tried to stretch back to catch it)

Johnson ran a quick out and was open for the first down and if Smith makes the throw, no one is talking about that terrible spot. I hope Donovan can clean that up.


He waited too long and then also threw it behind him. As a d1 qb really should be able to throw an out route.


He had Manjack wide open on crossing patterns during the game and both pass were behind the receiver.


I’m just so happy he had improved over the season and he has really been coached up.
He’s learning but I like how he is picking up the offense.
I thought he did a great job of avoiding several bull rushes by that massive UT defense.
Not sure the interception was on him or receiver.
He had a really good game against one of the best defensive teams in the country so I think Smith and the entire team is headed in the right direction



Shld not be happening this late in the year


What do you think about his accuracy problems ? Do you think he can fix those ?

Ain’t that the one skill you either have it or not by now as a college junior ???

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Perhaps his hesitation is him doing his checks to make sure it’s a safe throw.

One of our OL man was visibly pissed that that play was called.


Tune had problems with nervous feet in the pocket until midway through his junior, but when Dana first got here he was super erratic. Now he is making NFL money.
I see a lot of positive progression with Smith with room to grow.
He is being coached up and if he keeps it up we can end up being very good and might just go to the next level.
Nobody would have thought that just a few short weeks ago


While it should never have come down to that 4th down play, I thought the play call was terrible as it took away all other options.

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He didn’t have accuracy problems when he completed 16 in a row against WVU.

He struggled with throwing behind in the 1st quarter, then cleaned it up until that last pass.

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He’s too streaky for my liking, tho. Missed several wide open wr’s. Throwing the ball behind them.


This is a total hindsight post but if Smith could have faked a throw to the receiver while scrambling and tucked it and run he would have easily had the first down and no ball exchange risk.


Yes Donovan does throw the ball sometimes behind the receiver instead of leading him that can be fixed by coaching and for the most part it has to a great degree. But that habit rears it’s ugly head still sometimes in his game.


Nope, there was a run option. I dont like the play because Smith shouldnt he throwing on the run.

Hopefully the next staff


Definitely inconsistent at times. I still like his game and he has the chance for a great season.

I just want to know with his size and athleticism, why he never runs?


Smith is slow. They don’t measure his 40 with a stopwatch. They measure it with a calendar.

he was on the run and under pressure. I’m willing to just chalk it up as a well-defended play.

He’s not slow.

He’s not fast or quick footed by any means but he’s at least average.

His mechanics break down when rolling to either side and his footwork is terrible…