SMU Game looking large to decide West Division

Yes USF is biggest gm yet in Conf. But following week looking huge as SMU sits w 1 loss in Conf. Besides UH their toughest game left is Memphis @ Home. Could be nice road trip up I-45.


SMU will lose next week to Cincinnati.

We should pound SMU.

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SMU is not good. I’ll give them credit for winning on the road at Tulane. I think they’ll come up 1 game short of being bowl eligible. Their first 3 games were tough right out of the gate and they’ve played two top 10 teams.

they will also lose at memphis

they should have lost to tulane…

  • for those that didnt watch, tulane was up 2 with 1:30 to go, with the ball…and smu only had 1 timeout, a 1st down and it was kneeling time…on 3rd down tulanes wr flat out drops a 1st down,which not only made them punt, but it stopped the clock

memphis is 1-3 in conference but they are still the only realistic threat…they play ecu, tulsa & smu as their last 3 games before us, which are all very winnable… if they win all of those games
and we lose to usf and temple (not impossible) (or replace one of those with a WTF loss vs tulane or smu)
the winner of the houston memphis game will get the division

Memphis game is at SMU. But point taken.

I think after our team got their head out of their butt for the second half of Navy and put them away convincingly, excluding the two garbage touchdowns, we should have momentum and confidence to run the table.


To win the West, we need to beat SMU, Tulane, and one of USF, Temple, or Memphis. Do that, and we’ll be in the Championship Game.


I’m looking at it on larger scale and want to win the rest incl CShip gm so they go NY6 Bowl. Real shame what crappy Bowl tie-ins the AAC has. Really all G5 Confs are left with lower end Bowls. Just was a bad deal that was constructed with present alignment. Good to see ya posting again Pray10. PLs don’t overdue it!! #GoCoogs


Not to diminish Chester07 post, but when you’re a G-5 program (like it or not) every game is important.

If we want to be nationally recognized, we have to win every game starting with So.Florida through Memphis, and hopefully, the East Champion. For programs like ours, it’s NY6 bowl or bust.


That’s basically what I’m saying you can’t afford to loose even one gm against the likes of Tulane, SMU or even Temple bec you get penalized so severely. Whereas Ohio.St. can lose to Purdue but then come rt back and beat Wisc n Mich and their right back in Playoff talk. Need a good 3 year sustained run to separate yourself from other G5 Teams forget other G5 confs, like BYU had a great run for long time and still gets benefit of doubt more times than not even now with mediocre teams last few yrs. Coogs still recovering from 2017 – 7-5 record or can assure you they would be ranked currently.

With the win today, we just need to beat SMU and Tulane now to clinch the west.

In reality, if we beat SMU and Temple we probably clinch. We eliminate SMU next week if we win and Tulane (who’s losing to Tulsa right now) plays USF next week and will probably lose. If they do, we would just need to beat Temple to eliminate them.

There’s a way that we can clinch the West next week, but it requires Tulane to lose to Tulsa tonight, lose to USF next week, and Memphis to lose to East Carolina.

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Just win the next 3 games. We are 3-0 in the western Division.