SMU Lands TOP WR recruit out of Garland

Former OU commit. Five star Jordan Hudson.

Maybe he can make more money from his NIL in Dallas than in Oklahoma. Good for the AAC. Will this become a trend?


Coach Dana needs to get some sponsors for these players out there. Where do I sign up.

Yup. 5 star freshman starter at smu gonna make more that 3rd team freshman at bama.

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Hopefully Dana is using that selling point to recruits.

  1. Marketing rights +
  2. access to the playoffs

…should drastically change to path for UH, SMU and the other big market AAC universities.

I just hope Dana, Tilman, and Renu have their ducks in a row to benefit from this different world of football recruiting we now have access to.

SMU appears to have hit the ground running…from the AAC.


A short hop down the road to SMU on I-75. They got one of their own to stay at home with a nice fish on the hook.

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Sonny Dykes is flat out out recruiting Dana Holgorsen…


I’m sure Dana is focused on Transfer Portal because he’s a coaching genius.


Bet our transfer WR Carter has a better game when we play than SMUs freshman WR…all yall do is whine…


I’d take that bet, mostly because that’s two years from now so there are nigh limitless possibilities it’s kind of like getting to pick the field you always take the field.

But seriously it’s not really relevant here in the recruiting wars, no it’s not the be all end all but it’s usually a pretty good sign which programs have momentum and which ones do not. Cinci, SMU and company have their programs heading in the right direction, we’re still hoping the ship gets righted.

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This is good for the AAC. I hope more 5 stars in the conference becomes a trend.

Many have their heads in the sand and can’t see that UH is falling further and further behind. It’s not UH that is improving to compete with Cinci, Memphis and UCF - it’s SMU. UH is basically going to be about the 5th most talented team in the AAC 2022-2024 timeframe. The ship is sinking, and tons don’t even realize what is happening.


If we get our act together, which we absolutely can, Houston v SMU could be the western rivalry that matches UCF v Cinci.

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The AAC no longer has east and west divisions.

Bottom line is recruiting, on field play and wins are all going to have to pickup if we want to stay in the “upper tier” of the AAC with Cincy, Memphis, UCF and SMU. If we keep fiddling around we will be middle of the pack no nothing, no excitement, no great shakes.


We always have basketball!

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Given the size of the Houston market it is possible we can begin succeeding with some four and
five star recruits.

Am I too late to say Q the “SMU is crushing us” folks?

Good for them.

Moving on…

I can see why news like this may be difficult for those to digest who only know how to look at stars and rankings.

Recruiting matters. The teams that are recruiting well in the AAC are the ones dominating the league. It’s not rocket science.