SMU Morris Probably Heading To Porkland

Pig Sooey Razorbacks… miss the Porkers from the old SWC days, good fans in both basketball and football. Guess Hunter liked what he did on the Hill in Dallas.

So the Hogs go from coach that won in the Big 10 to potentially a guy that hasn’t even won his side of the American. Sumlin has all the resources at A&M and you see how that worked out in the uber competitive SEC west.

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Well we did watch him beat Hermroid like a drum after that dufus comment Herman made about SMU struggling to qualify for a bowl game. What goes around comes around.

I’m all for this. Would rather Morris leave and the Mustangs make a bad hire to go back to irrelevancy instead of Morris staying and continuing to build a decent program.


I’m with you Patrick. Besides the Memphis football team and their dirty play, i like the rest of our conf and hope they all get better in every sport. Except SMU. I hope they fail miserably all around.


I don’t know…Morris was doing pretty well at keeping SMU irrelevant. I prefer he stay for that reason. It’s strange how P5 teams are taking chances on guys with spotty track records: Taggart, Morris, Herm, etc.

I’m not sure how those three coaches’ records were spotty.

Other than Herm Edwards, the recent hires have made sense.

I would say spotty in the case of taggert because fsu is one of the premier jobs in football and taggert has never won a conference title. Heck, he’s never even won a division of a conference.

Taggart is a sub .500 head coach and seemed to strike gold with Flowers. Morris has not sniffed an AAC West title much less an overall AAC Championship. They feel like reaches for a perennial power [FSU] and a former traditional power that has to compete in the toughest division of the toughest conference in college football [Arkansas]. They may work out in the end but it just seemed like a reach on both for those schools.

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It seems like this year group of coaches was particularly weak this year. Kind of like bad draft years or free agent classes. Friday was the clear number 1 but he was going to nebraska and everyone knew that. It was big step down after that.

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I don’t disagree and maybe the coaching pool is that watered down now. Oregon is in a bad spot now if they were not anticipating losing Taggart after 1 season – I know I was surprised especially given the 7-5 record with an injured QB.

Yep, bad timing for Oregon for sure. I know Lane Kiffin is a head case but he would kill it at Oregon if he took baby Briles to run the offense.

Too many schools firing too many coaches too quickly. Everybody wants the next big thing; grass is greener syndrome.


You are spot on. Also, people think their schools should win all their game all the time. The fact is there may be a cycle where you have to be happy with 8 or nine wins a season if your conference or division happen to be excessively strong.


Thats accepting mediocrity. This is UH. We don’t accept that here. We need to return to our National Championship contender years.

You know what they all have in common excluding Taggart? They are former chess-masters from NC teams,OSU, and Clemson. Taggart just has a good system, and understands offense well.

We should stomp most everyone in our conference almost every year. That isn’t too much to expect given we aren’t in a P5 conference, but expecting to compete in the CFP is a long way down the road. I’d still be out there if we were Div II. The game itself and cheering your team no matter what level is what makes college football special Just my two cents.


I like the idea of winning the AAC every year for recruiting purposes. Truth is, we’re not going to get into the playoffs as a “Power 6”. The committee has made that very clear, two years in a row. The only option is to make ourselves (forget about worrying about success of the rest of the conference) attractable to P-5 conferences when the new TV deal is made. That being said, I hope SMU and every other school makes our path to the AAC Championship easy, every year! lol

That’s not possible under the CFP. Also, I am not exactly sure when we were competing for national championships. I am not saying we shouldn’t try, but there is a difference between blind optimism and reality. I would contend that you are not fully dealing in reality with regards to where UH football is currently or has been in the past.

I’m sarcastically imitating some other UH fans sentiments.

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