SMU musings

I was on campus at SMU this morning for a Cox MBA mentor meet and greet.

Three funny things:

  1. Another mentor went to SMU and sent his two sons to “Texas” where they are/were in McCombs. He had a family business that he worked at for decades. An administrator and he were talking with me about college football. Both said they really hope SMU destroys Houston. They can stand UH and this would be the perfect time for an upset. One then said, “But have you seen their QB?” Later, a mentee asked if I went to SMU and I said that I went to Houston. The other mentor apologized for his previous discussion. I said that I enjoyed the unfiltered insight.
  2. Tents are already going up on the Boulevard. Preparation for a full day of tailgating on Saturday.
  3. I saw a football player going to class while clutching a football in his right arm. Focused on the task at hand and not wanting to give up a turnover this Saturday. Turnover margin will be a key.

Hopefully, they have some fans there. I believe there will be quite a few UH fans there from what I’ve seen.

I heard that very few people go to the Coach’s show at Humperdinks anymore. It used to be a good crowd early in the year but now just some tables of gray/no hair men (aged 60-70+). People were be on the Boulevard for sure. In the stands is another question.

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Judging by this article:

I don’t think SMU is going to represent much.

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