SMU Tickets

I am looking for tickets to the SMU game. Yes, I understand the ticket office has some tickets left, but the wife would shoot me for getting tickets in the higher sections. Before I go through a broker, I thought I would check the regulars on the board to see if there might be available tickets to purchase at full price. One of the options I am looking at is section 127 which unfortunately is on the visitors side? Are there season tickets on that side as well? I can’t imagine that SMU draws well, so would like we would be in the middle of Coogs on that side, but thought I would check before purchasing. Thanks!

127 is not the visitor’s side. I’m in 128 and both are filled with Coog fans.

I think he meant visitors side of the field, not a visitors section… Yes it is visitors side

Correct. Thanks, guys. Good feedback.

Visiting fans usually sit in sections 121 and/or 122.

I’m in 126 and was surrounded by Coogs. 127 was filled with them too.

By “full price”, do you mean face value + prorated donation required for the seat or only face value? I am not saying one is more fair than the other but I am trying to figure out what fellow Coogs feel is fair.

I just watched the panoramic view of TDECU from section 127 row 15 and it looks like a good portion of the sideline will be blocked from view by the players, maybe 3 yards or so, more if you are lower, less if higher. Someone who sits there could tell you better. I’m in section 230, you guessed it probably, row 9 and I sometimes am blocked from <1 yard of the sidelines.