SMU's Celebration into the ACC

I think SMU did a good job recognizing their entry into the ACC. It looks like they were able to engage the City of Dallas. Lots of pictures in the link. No comparison to UH’s virtual toast.

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Like getting the last stateroom on a sinking ship


Shades of the Big East.

Twitter rumor has it that FSU is set to announce a departure this month, but who really knows until anything is finally announced.

Also rumors of KU may be in talks with B1G, but hard to pinpoint.

All this stuff happens in the backroom between ADs and University presidents and nobody knows anything until it’s a done deal, ala OUT and the LA/PAC defections.

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That dead horse is well beaten. Pez and CDH are both gone, can we just move on and focus on the present and the future?

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we’ll see, acc still historically best basketball conf, with fsu, clemson and miami able to be tops in football. if fsu was wize it would wait and see ut become a sec also ran in 2024 and decide to stay big fish in a small pond for annual playoff trips.

Top 25 recruiting class right now. 3rd highest in acc. This is a school and alumni culture that knows how to pay folks.

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After finishing LAST in the ACC in recruiting last year.

We’ll see how they do in the long run.

It’ll definitely be an easier conference for them when (not if) FSU, Clemson, and possibly others depart.

Only reason they were last in 2024 was because they only signed ten recruits from HS. Counting transfers puts them middle of pack without having played in ACC.

No reason to bring facts here.

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Looking at 247 rankings, transfers ARE included, and they finished behind UH on 247, despite the fact that UH had only two weeks to work with, a new coach, and was coming off a 4-8 season.

Those are the only FACTS that matter. SMU did have a transfer rank of 31, but an overall rank of 57, FIVE PLACES behind UH’s last minute throw together class.

This year, as I said, SMU is doing better, but last year, despite having their best season in 40 years, they still did NOT recruit impressively.

SMU was paying big when it was illegal (and got the death penalty for it) now that it’s legal the money is flowing.

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SMU’s average recruit ranking was slightly higher than UH’s. Solid competitor. So are TCU, Baylor and Tech. However, I believe we’re out recruiting Baylor and maybe Tech at this point (with less NIL?).

There’s no qualifying it.

Fritz’ two week class finished ahead of SMU’s in every ranking.

It is what it is.

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