SMU's Dykes on HS Players Staying Close to Home

Dykes interviewed in DMN today (DMN free during COVID)

I was intrigued by his idea that, post-COVID, high school players will want to stay close to home

We would certainly benefit from that

“But as SMU continues to recruit the Dallas-area heavily, Dykes believes there might also be a growing number of athletes that value staying home because it provides a comfort during an uncertain time.”

“I think the travel and the things that are making people a little bit uncomfortable right now, I think that’s going to draw some kids to want to be around their family, want to be closer to home, where they don’t have to travel a long way to get there or their family doesn’t have to get on a bunch of airplanes to go watch them play.”

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He is basically giving the same reasons that have always been given for a student to stay home, being close to family.

But, as history has proven, kids want to play for a winning program, or a charismatic coach, or a school that will help with academic issues. All that trumps family driving 20 minutes to watch their kid play.

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Yep, and maybe this time with everything going on he/us will see a bit of an uptick. I doubt it though. There’s still plenty of drivable P5 teams to compete with.

I think the article is right. Even after a vaccine which isn’t a 100% fix just like a flu shot, I think parents and kids stay closer to home. They are thinking like us and they will choose safer options.


Hard to get into the mind of an 18 year old but looking at the attitudes of those such as the youngsters in Chicago this weekend they seem to feel as though they are invulnerable or at least believe the virus represents no serious threat to them. We can only hope some will consider the threat as real and consider the implications if they choose to commit to school and play in a distant venue.