So some of you want to go to a conference like this?

Some of you are telling me you want to go to a conference with a commissioner that first dicks us around in 2016…

Then last week says this:

And then the following week, does this:

The Big 12 sounds like a healthy conference with solid leadership to me!

I can promise you Bowlsby won’t be commissioner much longer, regardless of the lifespan. Somebody has to go to the guillotine.

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Bagdad Bob Bowlsby fending off a caterpillar attack.




Who cares about bowlsby? Do you think for a second he did not know about this? We are all better than that. bowlsby was paid off by utau, okie and espn to keep his mouth shut. The only way to know for sure is to have him go through an audit. That is his job. He has enough connections in his flip phone to know this was coming and when it was coming. The official kick in the nuts to the small12 occurred when mickey mouse said no mas dinero to the small12. Some of us pointed out that the small12 was a dead P5 conference walking…just like the SWC a few years back.

Too much bad karma with Big 12 jerks anyway. I do want our football program resurrecting no matter who the coach is. Someone asked why Texas football had so much politics. I looked at them quizzically.? Is there a difference I asked. PAC has to fix network game times though.

What a bunch of crybabies! :rofl:

Raising money

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IF a mythical conference The Ozark/Appalachian BackWoods12 and Paw Kettle was the commish and part of the elite P5s … I would attempt to join it … commissioners come and go … Bowlsby is just DESPERATE right now … he is trying to save the conference and ESPECIALLY his high paying $$job$$ … else he will soon be in the unemployment line at his local state unemployment location …

I am laughing at some TX lawmakers trying block the horns from skedaddling to the SEC … apparently they and our guv … Dr. Strangelove … DO NOT see eye-to-eye on this issue …

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Jeff Leach used to be my State Rep. He’s pretty good, until he does stupid sh*t like this.

“The effects could be devastating,” Leach wrote. “Such important decisions must not be made by a select few behind closed doors, nor should they be unduly impacted by out-of-state interests who have little care or concern for the people of Texas.”

Leach loves the free market, and capitalism, until it affects Baylor. Unfortunately for Baylor, he is no Ann Richards.