So what does it take

To get law enforcement and the FBI to investigate?

Read the story. There was an investigation.

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I read the story, but post Oklahoma City we were supposed to take any credible bombing threats as a national security priority. This was a failure.

Here they looked couldn’t get into the backyard and determined the girlfriend needed a psychological evaluation.

A lot of anger out there that police can conduct a no-knock raid on Breonna Taylor or the Harding Street raid here in Houston based on dubious info from informants (resulting in the deaths of innocent people), but when a direct relation (girlfriend) says bombs are being made, SHE gets taken in for a psych evaluation. Police ask if they can get into property to search, attorney says no you can’t look in here, police say “ok thanks.”

The bomber’s girlfriend should have said he had drugs in the RV, and 10 cops would have busted in unannounced in the middle of the night.

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Or said, um well, never mind.

Seems crazy this didn’t get more attention. Then again, I don’t know how much of this they have to deal with. But surely this changes some things.

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Actually, the Taylor “raid” was based on a warrant.

There was no probable cause for a warrant to arrest or search the bomber, it appears.

This is unfortunate, but I hear a lot of crazy stuff every day. In fact, there is a woman who is now claiming that I am part of a group that sexually abused and killed her child.

She is a woman with profound mental health issues. My wife represented her boyfriend in a custody dispute. This woman has threatened to kill my wife, me, and our children in very graphic detail. As of today, the DA and police have done nothing. And there’s even more to the story.

I have lots of issues with policing today. But if a woman with a history of mental health problems claims her boyfriend is making bombs and hunting aliens, you can’t really say it’s unreasonable to not take that completely seriously, especially where the suspect had only one marijuana arrest in the 70’s.

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I don’t disagree. I don’t expect the police to be omniscient, and don’t want them busting down doors left and right. I’m sure the police get lots of “crazy” calls every day, especially from those seeking revenge like in your case. I hadn’t heard about the girlfriend’s “history of mental health problems”, but sounds like the bomber may also have some mental health issues – investigators are reportedly looking into his beliefs that alien lizard people have invaded the country, and his claims of 5G killing people.

I understand that the Taylor raid was based on a warrant, and so was the Harding Street raid here in Houston. Both warrants were issued based on sworn affidavits that included outright lies from the police.

I don’t know the answer, but there is frustration that the word of some is assumed to be more important than others. Hopefully these cases are the exception to the rule.

If someone says “my boyfriend is building a bomb” I would investigate that. Not just look over the fence.

From what I read, Nashville PD did turn to the FBI…but only to ask for a “records search” and not an “investigation”.

Maybe an investigation would have turned up info about purchase of bomb-making materials.

Thankfully no one was killed, but this could have turned out much differently if the bomber wanted to kill.