So what kind of team is ECU?

I know little about them. They lose to NC AT&T, but then destroy UNC (albeit a terrible UNC), play South Florida super close then get crushed by Temple.

Seems like this is a classic Coog trap game. Terrible conference mates on the road always seem to give us fits.

What say you guys?


Here’s my take:

  1. I don’t think USF’s undefeated record is the same as UCF and Cincy.
  2. Temple is really hard to figure out right now
  3. Getting to Greenville and playing there are usually not easy things for UH. Add in Hurricane Michael potential impacts and it makes it only worse.
  4. As long as UH continues to have busted coverages in the secondary leading to easy scores, any team can keep it close.

I like the Coogs by 10 if they are even or slightly ahead in the TO battle.


The hurricane is projected to pass right over Greenville tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon.

From what I have seen, they expect heavy rain and flooding tomorrow but everything will be clear by Friday evening. So I think it depends on if the campus takes flood damage. Is there some kind of rule about football games not being postponed one day to a Sunday?

Wow, didn’t realize it was going up the Carolinas. Thanks for the update.

Sad thing is that Houston is seemingly easy pickings on the road. We lost four out of five true road games including the bowl game. ECU has a better than decent chance of beating us and they probably will if we came out flat.


In regards to our pass defense, I think we are getting better. At least in actually defending passes, we lead the nation in PDs at 36, tied with Alabama who has played on more game. So yes, we need to fix the coverage busts, which is a function of experience. I think it will get better each game.

If our offense is sputtering like vs Tulsa, the game will be a close one, I think.


Hurricane tracker now has shifted cone to the north and west of Greenville so it’s no longer in the direct path, additionally it’s now a tropical storm.
Should have no impact on the actual game scheduled for 7PM EST on Saturday.
Or on our travel plans to get there tomorrow (Friday) morning.

(Remember the nightmare that our basketball team went through in getting to New Orleans for a game and spent like 24 hours on the road/in the airport, showing up to the game like 10 minutes before tipoff? Hope that never happens again!)

For starters their defense is pretty good so we can’t let them play in our back field. I think If our defense and our offense are even a fraction better than what they were vs Tulsa we will win. That includes taking advantages of TO’s, protecting the ball, and getting the running game going.

They’re 29th in total defense, 19th in rushing defense and 89th in scoring defense 97th in team passing efficiency defense. They are 76th in total offense.

You have to wonder if they’ll be distracted due to the storm and any issues with their immediate family. This game should be much like Tulsa. If you turn the ball over and keep them in it you could be in for a fight. if you score early and make ECU one dimensional it makes things easier for the defense and puts pressure on their offense.

Game should not be close if you take care of the ball.

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A bad one.

They are no where near the team they were last year. What makes you think they are bad?

Was it the 2007 game at Robertson where our kicker missed three chip shot field goals at the end to lose it?

This is absolutely true. I think USF has a decent team this year, but they start every game VERY slow. They’ve had a first half deficit in every game they’ve played except against Elon and UMASS, but they did give up 42 points to UMASS. USF seems to be very good at turning it up a notch late when they need to.

ECU has a good defense this year, but are not good offensively. The key to winning this game will be not turning the ball over and not coming out super flat on offense. We need to jump out to a quick lead and make them try to beat us with an offense that isn’t all that good. Just a quick glance at their offensive stats. Someone above mentioned ECU is 76th in total offense. Total offense is a useless stat because it’s based solely on yardage and doesn’t take into account efficiency or scoring. Per ESPN, ECU is #107 in team offensive efficiency. ECU has only scored 13 offensive TDs this year (6 passing and 7 rushing), and 10 of those TDs were in two games (5 against Old Dominion and 5 against UNC). By comparison, D’Eriq King has scored 25 TDs. Strangely, ECU does appear to be able to move the ball a bit, averaging 398.4 yards per game, which accounts for their mediocre ranking in total offense. But they have a really hard time scoring TDs. We need to make them continue this trend. If we can consistently hold them to 3s instead of 7s, we should win this one going away.


Two missed FGs, but yes.

I had forgotten this, but BABs pulled Case in the second quarter after he threw two picks, and Blake Joseph went the rest of the way.

Thanks, Law. That game was terrible. Both of those kicks were from like 15 or 20 yards out albeit from an angle. Couldn’t believe we lost.

Was CABs mismanagement of Case Keenum his second biggest mistake of his career? Not that he cared. He was just waiting fro RG3 to arrive

I agree BABs was waiting for RG3, but I don’t think he mismanaged Case at all. Remember in 2007 Case was a redshirt freshman who had two nicknames, Sweet Feet and Howard the Keenum. He couldn’t throw the ball down the field to save his life. Blake Joseph had a cannon for an arm, that’s why he got a bunch of snaps that year.


I don’t recall the “Howard the Keenum” moniker, but certainly “Sweet Feet”. I don’t buy the Joseph argument. I’m not saying he didn’t have a cannon, but I don’t think that’s why CAB went for a platoon at QB that year. If Joseph was so great, why did Summie/Dana so quickly choose Sweet Feet to be the QB in a pass happy air raid? Truth is, Joseph wasn’t that great and Keenum needs to thank God every night that 1) CAB recruited him, and 2) CAB left for Baylor.

From what I remeber Case hurt his arm or shoulder and thats why he was pulled that game.
Anyways ECU is not a good football team in my opinion and their defensive numbers are skewed. We have no business losing to this team on the road.