So, Who Does Dana Throw Under The Bus?

He isn’t going to fade the heat. Not his style. He’ll lay the blame on someone. Maybe he should have waited to fire Carrier, would be handy right now

My order of potential firings

1 Dawson
2 Jones
3 Rowe
4 Shorts


I think Brandon Jones will be the first to go. Followed by Dawson.

If the season keeps trending the way it is. Belk will be gone after the season.

I think Dawson and Dana takes over play calling duties thinking he is the only one that can fix it.

You’re still pouting about your boy getting fired? He’s grown man and was well compensated for his services. Get over it.

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You know why he got fired? Tell me please

Jones gets fired first. If Dawson gets fired and USF gets rid of Jeff Scott, really hope we look at him.

Dawson and Jones are obvious choices. Seems like the move is toss Dawson now take over play calling so he look like he’s doing something. Then you just toss everyone else after the season. Then you blame the next season’s failures on a new coaching staff and on everyone leaving in the transfer portal.

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Belk should go first 3 OT games that shouldn’t have been.

Dana is a very smart guy but his people skills & composure are terrible. The guy doesn’t inspire anyone & he isn’t a leader. Rubs people the wrong way. If Xs & Os is all he cares about he should just go call plays in the pros like Kingsbury. I got a feeling he took the year off & was looking forward to the Big 12 after getting the extension too not realizing we still had this final season in the AAC.

Dawson goes first!!

Then belk !!


I’m on board

The Red Bull supplier and under Tulanes bus