So you’re saying we have a a no 1 seed

This article focuses mainly on the big 10 but slides in a backhanded comment about our chance at a no 1 seed.

The proposed bracket for UH looks to good to be true.

A #2 seed would be great, but we’ll need to win the AAC Tournament to secure the #2 spot, and/or several teams above us would have to do poorly in their conference tournaments.

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I don’t see any path to a No. 1 seed. Even if Coogs get discussed, that conversation will end at “East Carolina.”

Be happy with a 2 and go to war with that.


That article has SMU next four out?? They know SMU hasn’t played in like a decade, right!


No shot at 1 seed

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Remember when we lost to Drexel?

Yeah…me either. So glad we’re, at the very minimum, being entertained in these type discussions. I’ll forever take being in the conversation for a 1-3 seed annually.


Drexel > E.Carolina

Drexel was a terrible loss. 100 times worse than ECU.

And I am so grateful that we experienced that loss. Makes the seasons much more enjoyable for me. I never panic over 1 loss. It’s going to happen. Just can’t let 1 bad loss turn into two.



There is no path to a 1seed… only a path to hold on to our 2 seed



P. I thought we had some conference awards coming out today?

C’mon, Jess. Drexel was a sub 200 RPI team. On a neutral court. It was horrendous.

There may be a minuscule shot…based on bama, iowa and michigan all losing initial conf tourney games and we of course win out.

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I think they want to give the weekly award it’s own day, so tomorrow or Wednesday the latest

They held out announcing the women’s award for 2 days to give the weekly award their day

Last year they came out the same day.

I know I know. I just thk in scheme of things ECU loss was way worse . Drexel loss was very early in season in a Tourney. No ECU loss equals Reg Season Conf Ship. Just me n Coogs weren’t thought of highly yet b4 the Drexel loss

At least they stayed away from a 6 seed. :ok_man::man_shrugging:

Got it. Thanks.

official release will be on Wednesday, they just announced

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